Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A bid to help Pennies for Wessa

At the risk of opening myself up to ridicule from some regular readers of this blog, today's offering is about what I'm planning to do on behalf of the Pennies For Wessa auction now being conducted by The NASCAR Foundation and Motor Racing Outreach.

The auction runs through March 27 at and includes a lot of really cool items - autographed photos and posters and even a Washington Redskins helmet autographed by Joe Gibbs as well as VIP packages to race events later this year. The money will go to help Wessa Miller, the young lady who in 1998 gave Dale Earnhardt a lucky penny before Earnhardt won the Daytona 500.

Wessa and her parents, Booker and Juanita, are coming to Bristol on March 21-22 to see the races and get to meet some of the drivers in the garage. They came to Bristol in 1998 as Earnhardt's guest after Earnhardt had won at Daytona with the penny glued to the dash of his No. 3 Chevrolet.

"NASCAR Angels" is doing a piece on the Millers and ESPN plans to do a story on them for the Nationwide Series prerace show that day.

I was trying to decide if I could do anything that somebody might be interested in bidding on. Here's what I came up with.

For somebody who's going to be in or around Charlotte during the May races here, I will pick the winning bidder up at Lowe's Motor Speedway on the Monday after the all-star race in my own car (I call it Christine because I am not sure it's not demon possessed). We'll go over to the Hendrick Motorsports museum, then we'll go to Kannapolis and do the Dale Earnhardt min-tour there. We'll go from there up to the Richard Childress Racing museum in Welcome and then we'll come back through Mooresville. I'll even spring for lunch and dinner.

I know it sounds like the "Kramer Reality Tour" from the Seinfeld show, but it's all I've got. Maybe somebody out there would be willing to help the cause and kill an afternoon riding around in my heap of a car.

Check out for the auction site. My "reality tour" isn't up there yet, but it will be in the next day or so. But go now and you can see some really cool items that have actual value!


Anonymous said...

Good for you for doing something for this worthwhile event.

I live in the midwest, so I won't be bidding for anything local, but I will say that I am glad you are doing something.

I get pretty irritated when writers urge everyone to get involved and when you ask what they have done, you discover they have done nothing.

I remember when President Clinton was urging us to give, and when he had to post his income tax returns, we discovered he gave something like 1-2% of his income to charity.

Kuddos for giving up some of your time to benefit another.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone in their right mind would ridicule you for being so generous.

I think what you are doing is a wonderful thing and using your blog to promote this is perfectly acceptable in my book.

Thank you, David!

Anonymous said...

It figures...RCR,HMS,and DEI.
Why not go to one of the teams shops you don't work for?

Anonymous said...

David, you sure made some good choices on the tour you'll provide. Sounds like a great day. I think the best part will be that you'll have to listen to someone's opinion, and it might not be 100% like yours. I agree with you about 50% of the time. Would like to convince you of the other 50.

Anonymous said...

Writing a check is nice. Asking others to write a check is also nice. Giving up a day to benefit another is priceless.

Anonymous said...

I will be the first to say I disagree with alot of what you blog about and talk about on the radio...but I will say this...what you are willing to do here speaks volumes about actually giving of ones self. By you doing this on your time, your car, and your money I believe you are setting a great example for young people. Im not sure what lunch, dinner, gas and your time is worth, but its an act of giving that should set an example to everyone.
You have my respect from here on...

Anonymous said...

really good idea dave.

Anonymous said...

i will be placing a bid. but i insist, we will take my car.

Anonymous said...

I'll be at the All-Star race in May but if I win do I have to do all that stuff with you? My time will be limited. LOL

Anonymous said...

Billy, you are correct. I am not aware of anyone who has done as much as David Poole to publicize Wessa's situation.

Anonymous said...

I'll give to Wessa..I just wish Earnhardts name wouldn't have to be mentioned everytime you read about her.Mr. controversy.The penny had nothing to do with the win.NASCAR let him win.Most blown out of proportion win in the history of all of Sports.Most rude driver toward all the fans.Most dangerous driver on the track.If Earnhardt wasn't linked to her Poole wouldn't be writing about her.
But!I will help Wessa.
She needs the help,all this mumbo jumbo don't matter.
Karl with a K

Anonymous said...

They're the only choices he has.
If he were taking you to watch a printing press run what newspaper do you think you would wind up at????

Anonymous said...

Karl with K:
You obviously never met Earnhardt, otherwise you wouldnt be spouting the garbage you posted. There is no rule that states you should love him or hate him....but if you did not know him, or know how he helped farmers during hard times, or know how he helped kids and thier families when made aware of hardship, or how he provided airline travel to other team members when he was one of the few that had that luxury, you have nothing to base your opinion on. You sir..are not only ignorant of the facts, you obviously dont mind spreading lies. Learn something about the subject of your writings before you show any more of your pseudo knowledge.

Anonymous said...

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