Thursday, March 05, 2009

Take that camera and....

So apparently there are some people who're upset now because somebody put pictures of Kyle Busch's victory party after his win at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the Internet.

The pictures show Busch spraying champagne out of one of those big ol' bottles on the folks who joined him and his team for the party in the Hard Rock Hotel after his win in the Shelby 427.

The party happened when the team elected not to fly home Sunday night because of the weather back in North Carolina. They waited until early Monday, so Sunday night they decided to have a little bit of fun.

What's wrong with that, I ask?

If you're looking for me to give you a link to the pictures and the several pages of comments about them here, forget about it. I wouldn't do anything to help drive traffic to that web site because the whole idea of it drives me nuts.

Busch and his team wanted to celebrate. They got a place where they could get off by themselves and do their own thing. As far as I know there was nobody at the party who got so out of hand that he or she wasn't able to make the very early flight home on Monday (maybe they just celebrated right on through the night -- but again, what's wrong with that?). As far as I know nobody did anything heinous.

The chief complaint about the pictures on the Internet appears to be that Busch is "wasting money" by spraying champagne on people. The message, apparently, is that there are people who're out of work in racing and yet here are people on this team who're cavorting as though they don't have a care in the world.

Really? Just because there are problems in the sport nobody is allowed to have some fun after scoring a big victory? Just because there are people who're sad that means nobody in racing can be happy?

Give me a break.


Anonymous said...

In The Immortal WOrds Of Garth


Anonymous said...

People need to get a life. He's in his home town. He won in his home town. It just happens to be Vegas.

In case someone forgot. The point of life is to enjoy it. Not just sit there pissed at the world.

He enjoyed it with friends. Get over yourselves and go complain about the next thing that is seen as wrong. Did someone spill a beer? Better go get them next.

Anonymous said...

These complainers are just like the ones that gripe about how the field lines up when the pole winner has to go to the rear. My suggestion,,,,get a life. It was Busch's money that was being spent not tax payers money. Seems to me if your going to worry about wasting money,,,,look at Washington.

Anonymous said...

These complainers are just like the ones that gripe about how the field lines up when the pole winner has to go to the rear. My suggestion,,,,get a life. It was Busch's money that was being spent not tax payers money. Seems to me if your going to worry about wasting money,,,,look at Washington.

Art Tidesco said...

I got no problem with the Kylie celebrating or with him shelling out $500 a bottle on Champagne but I in his shoes I would have spent $7 on a bottle of Cava and had just as much fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Kyle is "Living The Dream"?

Anonymous said...

It's not about what was being done,it's about who was doing it.If it had been Junior,Johnson,or Stewart photographed doing it,it would be on the front page of the paper and everyone would have been talking about how cool they are to party after winning.And the only reason..the only reason that David Poole isn't bashing Busch for doing it is because he knows that one of the 3 listed above will eventually do it..and Poole will have to report about how cool they are.As far as getting drunk and passing out....Why not do an in depth study on the parties that Junior has at his house????Oops forgot...Juniors just being cool.

Anonymous said...

Would it have been any less wasteful for them to DRINK the champagne? And didn't someone have to make and then sell the champagne? Is this not putting money back into the economy? Isn't Vegas in America..isn't there a waitstaff there, a cleaning crew, obviously a cameraman...look at all the people I can think of that benefited from that celebration.. and that is just off the top of my head!

Anonymous said...

I used to carry a Poloroid around. I took pics of me doing stupid things. I've got tons of pictures. Now theres a camera in my cell phone!!

George Gard said...

Some people have nothing better to do then to complain about what others do. He earned his money, he can do whatever he wants with it. Does anybody complain about all the Gatorade wasted in victory lane every week?

Anonymous said...

Art Tidesco said...

Its certainly putting money into the French economy isn't this guy supposed to be sponsored by Red Bull or some such caffeine related confection I bet they are thrilled Kyle does not celebrate with a tin of the sponsors product ! :-)

Anonymous said...

he would but it's so freakin hard to get the m&m's into a liquid form.

yeah nascar aware boy, da it's not redbull.

outta 60 comments there were 3 or 4 whinning about the economy.

yes we need more drama dav.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see who got arrested for DUI in Atlanta? Kyle's truck owner, was driving someone from his condo to their camper- and a "mall cop" arrested him!

Anonymous said...

At least he wasn't throwing M&M's at people. You could put a eye out.

Anonymous said...

Class envy is a tool of the liberal left. They think the rich are not deserving of spending their money, even if they earned it honestly. Most Americans were not this way when I was a kid, but it has gotten to be in vogue. You talk about the ugly side of jealousy!!

I find the comments made about Kyle particulary disgusting. He is only 23 and he is generous to a fault. Did the hate mongers remember how he gave ALL his race earnings to Sam, just to help him out? Do these jerks remember that Kyle has driven for FREE just to help out a truck owner? Oh, and how about his foundation which support many residences for children who are separated from their parents (orphanages).

How old are the people trashing him? What have they done to make someone's life a little bit better? Kyle and many other drivers are good role models on how the rich help the plight of those in need.

Anonymous said...

re: anon 12.39

You worte: Why not do an in depth study on the parties that Junior has at his house????

Why kind of a suggestion is this? Are you some kind of Nazi sympathyser? Are you suggesting that the press or government break into private pproperty to see how people spend their time and money?

Maybe you ought to move to Cuba or North Korea. For sure no one is allowed to be rich, or have the freedom to live their lives in peace as they see fit.

Jr, Tony and Jimmie are 3 of the most generous suppoters of Victory Junction Gang. Jr constantly has fund risers for them, besides contributing out of his own pocket.

Jr also practically keeps Oak Ridge Military school in business. He has poured millions of dollars to remodel it, build new buildings, and keep sports part of their program.

What the heck have you done? Can we do an indepth study on how you live your life?

3KillerBs said...

I can think of a lot of far less innocent ways a young man could blow $5000 in Vegas than by treating people to glasses and showers of expensive champagne.

Would $5000 make a lot of difference to MY budget as we struggle to pay the rent and keep the utilities and the internet (necessary for our fledgling business), running? Yes.

Do I have any business feeling jealous because Kyle spent a sum of money that is well withing HIS budget on an impromptu celebration? No.

Kyle's the best there is at what he does and he gets paid well for it. Congratulations, Kyle, you deserve it.

I hope you and the team had fun.

Centurion8 said...

Some people are just out to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm tired of people complaining about having a little fun...there's nothing wrong with it. Let the folks who complain go to church and pray for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

So what does the average 23 year old does im my town Chicago? Drive-by shootings is the preferred activity. We usually have about 3-6 sooting deaths.

Boy, I wish they'd go to Hard Rock and splash champagne.

Centurion8 said...


Well, never having been to Chicago, I really don't know. But I would guess there are many more activities than just shooting somebody. That's sure no life. What are your interest? If its NASCAR, then "That's Racing" has many interesting articles and blogs. Maybe look for a local racing club or go on line and find other people interested in racing and plan to get together.Hell, if that don't work, see a psychologist.(Just kidding).

Anonymous said...


From a Junior fan........Party on Kyle and deserved a night of fun....

but you might want to make sure there's no cameras next time!


Anonymous said...

from anon/Chicago

To: Centurion

I was trying to make a point to those who make a big deal of Kyle splashing a little blubbly, that if that's the worse thing he ever does, that's no big deal.

Chicago is a war zone. Last year we had more gun-related murders than all the deaths in Iraq/Afganistan. Most of these murders are gang-related. No one seems to know how to stop them.

You had good suggestions, but these folks are way beyond that. I wish they could round them up and lock them up.

Anonymous said...

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Centurion8 said...

Your point was well taken and received. I just get tired of a minority of people trying to inflect their views on the majority of us. Sorry I cannot help you in Chicago.

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I totally agree with you girl. People should mind their own business. Let him be. anyways he has the privileged to do such thing because he has win!

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