Monday, March 02, 2009

NASCAR folks living the travel dream

LAS VEGAS -- If you hang around NASCAR for any length of time, you will hear somebody say the phrase "living the dream."

I have no idea who started it or why, but a lot of people use it as a stock sardonic reply to the idea that some of the people who think having a job in racing is a dream gig don't have any real idea that it's not all sunshine and lollipops all of the time.

This year during Speedweeks, the track public relations office had a sign on the wall with that phrase on it. It's to the point now that some folks will just say "LTD" and everybody knows what that means.

I say all of that today because the snow that fell overnight in Charlotte the return trip from Sunday's race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway has hardly turned into a "dream" for a lot of the NASCAR folks.

Several of the race teams delayed the departure of their own planes from Sunday night until in the daylight hours of Monday to give conditions time to improve before trying to get into Concord, which is where most of the NASCAR air fleet is based.

That may not sound like a big deal, but that's several hundred people who had to spend an extra 12 hours in Las Vegas about 2,700 miles from home. Work they would be doing today back at the teams' shops will have to be rescheduled and all of those people had to be fed and housed, causing the teams' additional expense.

Some teams fly most of their personnel commercially, especially on trips this far west. There are also dozens and dozens of people who work in the media, public relations and other industry-related jobs who were scheduled to go out on overnight flights late Sunday. Most of them, at least the ones to Charlotte, were canceled and I heard several people saying Sunday night they were being told it will be Tuesday -- at the earliest -- before they can expect to get out now.

(Before you even say it, this isn't about me. As of about 9 a.m. Monday, my flight home is still supposed to leave on schedule. Knock on wood.)


Anonymous said...

Fly safely David

Brenda said...

You are lucky that NASCAR headquarters is in Charlotte where this type of situation happens only rarely. We northerns have to face it often. I just traveled across the country by car (including California and Las Vegas) and thankfully had no bad roads.

Anonymous said...

Yes David, thanks to you and Bag man, when someone asks me how I am doing now, all I can say is "Just livin' the dream". Thanks. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that even though things are far from perfect, I'm LTD here in the country with my big screen, computer, and motorcycle!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

After some of the recent plane accidents, I am so glad that there is a lot of caution being excercised. Though it is a financial hardship for many, the loss of life would be worse.

Hope those stuck out west take the time to relax, because the work will be waitng for them. No sense to fret.

Anonymous said...

Poole Quit Complaining Or Seek Another Career!!! Everyone That Works Has Moments You Could Care Less About Mine And I Dont Care About Yours

Anonymous said...


What an Idiot.

You Nascar people NEVER miss a chance to whine about HOW FREAKIN HARD YOUR LIFE IS.

No way you had to spend a couple hours in a freakin airport.

How 'bout the hundreds of team members WITHOUT A JOB.

You are a typical American in 2009 overweight, soft, and not used to real work.

I think I'm gonna tear up.

LTD, try growing the hell up.

Oh yeah maybe they have an opening in the food section.

Anonymous said...

living the Dream, Poole you really are and your Bitching!!!! Most folks here would trade with ya in a heart beat. So in a nutshell WRITE more and Bitch A Ton LESS

Anonymous said...

Poole You Are Living The Dream And Still You Bitch Most Here Would Gladly Swap Places More Racin Coverage Less Bitchin

Unknown said...

I hope you and Mike keep the travel stories coming each week, i love to hear the travel misery at least i know i'm not alone. I travel for a living as well and always try to hear the show on Mondays just to hear the misery.

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed the point to this.

Lately it's good to have a job.

Even then, if your job is so terrible because you have to travel and you get to work around Nascar 24/7 maybe you should look into a career change.

I've never thought you enjoyed or liked your job.

Maybe there's an opening in the food section Dave.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love Nascar! Great blog!

I'd love to have Nascar here in Portugal.

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