Monday, March 23, 2009

Kyle Busch wins, takes a shot at Dale Jr.

You don't have to like Kyle Busch. In fact, you can hate his guts and pull against him every time he starts a motor if that's what floats your boat.

But let me tell you this. After Sunday's race at Bristol, which Busch dominated for his 14th career Cup victory, he provided a pretty solid definition for what it takes to be a racer.

The question was whether he uses the reaction he gets from fans -- boos and jeers, primarily -- to fuel the fire that burns within him.

"Not really." he said. "I think it's cool it works that way, but I don't use it.

"What I use is the car in front of me. If there's a car in front of me, I'm going to chase him. ... I want to pass that guy. If I'm the leader, there's another car in front of me, he's going a lap down. The more guys you get a lap down, the more you don't have to deal with at the end of the day. There's always some motivation to go forward. There's always somebody ahead of you that you can pass that's going to mean something. Even if you are the leader."

So Kyle Busch wants to beat people. He wants to do better than you do, no matter who you are. That is the absolute definition of competition. That's why you're in professional sports. You're not there just to have a good time. You can do that on a lower level. But if you're going to be in the big leagues, and that's what Sprint Cup racing is, that's not the measure.

Fans who don't like Busch probably want somebody to shut him up. There's a way do to that, of course, and that's to start beating him as often as Busch has been handing everybody their hats this season and last. Busch has won 10 times and finished in the top five 20 times in 41 races with Joe Gibbs Racing. He's led 2,190 laps in those races, too. That's getting the job done.

Busch took a little shot at Dale Earnhardt Jr. after Sunday's race, too.

"For me, I don't think I would enjoy having the most fans out there," Busch said. "I actually like the way I am, the role I portray. And I think that there's probably too much pressure on one guy's shoulders who doesn't seem to win very often. But for us, it's a blast to go out there and do what we do."

Now if you're a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan that should make your blood boil.

More to the point, if you're Dale Earnhardt Jr. (left) or a member of his team it should make your blood boil.

That quote ought to be put up on every billboard in the No. 88 team's shop and they should find a clip of it and play it on a continuous loop until that team goes to work and figures out how to go out and start beating the No. 18 when it counts -- on Sunday.


Monkeesfan said...

As trash talk, Kyle Busch's shot at Junior and his fans wasn't particularly egregious. If Junior fans take it more seriously tyhan it deserves to be taken, they're overreacting.

Anonymous said...

All this is about is David Poole trying his best to create a story about Dale Junior.
Every other team is beating Junior also.Why not write about that.Poole is a biased fake just like the sport.He's scared to write the truth about he finds ways to create drama about him.Junior is in a class with Kenny Wallace.Come on Poole write the truth or shut up.

Anonymous said...

This is the exact reason why Kyle Busch is so hated. He takes a question that has nothing to do with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and spins it around to bad-mouth him. He knows full well that he will take the brunt of this comment. He is nothing more than a little childish baby. NOTHING MORE. Sure he can drive, there is no disputing that whatsoever. But the fact of the matter is that if you continue to throw people (your team) under the bus and make enemies, it is going to come back and bite you in the end. Just look at his Chase last year. He simply got what he had coming to him.

Secondly, everyone wants to continue to make such a big deal out of all of his wins in the Trucks and Nationwide races. I ask you, does anyone care? It would not mean anything to me if a pitcher in baseball won AA or AAA games. You don't see Kobe Bryant playing in NBA Developmental League games, do you?

Anonymous said...

How do you know he was talking about the 88 team.He didn't mention any names.Sounds to me like he was probably talking about Bill Elliott.

Anonymous said...

So What if Jr. is in a class with Kenny Wallace, the fans can still like him if he is not winning. Jr. is not winning, well like Jeff Gordon is not winning or Mark Martin.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate Busch for what he said about Junior. I'm far from a Busch fan. In fact I like Junior. But what did he say that was so bad? Until Junior starts winning and consistently at that, Busch has a good point. You don't race to have the most fans, you race to win. Unfortunately Junior's only wins comes at selling merchandise and not victories.

Anonymous said...

You must care,since you know so much about it.Dale junior will never be half the driver Kyle is.Juniors not even half the man Jeff Gordon is.And hear this!And hear this!His Daddy wouldn't nothing either,just over embellished stories about a nobody.The day the Earnhardts are out of racing will be the day the sport makes a turn for the good.
Can you hear me now!!!!HELLO!Mcfly!!!
May Kyle Busch continue to win in all leagues of racing,and may he continue to speak the truth about Alchoholic,wanna be,gang bang,hip hop junior.
If you didn't hear me let me know.

duane said...

Since when did anything that Kyle Busch says (or doesn't say) matter in the NASCAR World?

If this guy is so hated and disliked, then why is everyone talking about him? If you don't like him, don't listen to him, don't comment about him, don't even look at him. Pretend he's not even there.

As for me, I'll continue to root for Kyle. :)

Anonymous said...

eury jr feel into a trap. he should have never followed nascar's obama to the evil empire. eury is now the scapegoat. obama earnhardt jr will never be held responsible for any lack of performance. my only thought is this, who will be the scapegoat once eury jr leaves the pitbox?

Anonymous said...

Hey Poole:Your blog is backfiring.
Go Kyle Go!!!!Keep Poole and all those Junior fans whining.
It would appear that Junior fans are as scared of Kyle Busch as his Daddys fans were scared og Geoff Bodine.
Hey Poole:Where you goona rank the 18 this week.

ur brain said...

Easiest way to improve NASCAR ?? Make it so it's not JR-CAR 24\7 365 !! He is easily the most over rated sports figure ever !!! What's he ever done on the track except whine ?? He and his fans ALWAYS HAVE A EXCUSE !! Bad car, bad crew, bad pit box, wicked step-mom !! Typical Jr race 13th or 14th with 1 of the best cars\equipment out there !!! Don't like Kyle B--fine !! But-he WINS RACES !!! Same with Gordon !! $ cups speak for themself people !!!

Anonymous said...

Sure does seem clear that Kyle B owes Dale, Jr. a big debt since I believe even Kyle has admitted he got more mature and more focused when Hendrick let him go.

Anonymous said...

Kyle is the best thing to happen to this sport in YEARS.

I laugh at the irony that "Jr. Nation" hates Kyle when Kyle is SO much like early Dale Sr.

Keep winning Kyle!

Hendrick should have kicked out Casey instead of Kyle.

Anonymous said...

I think that the best thing that happened to Kyle was getting kicked out of HMS. He was mad, embarrased, and decided to show them up. I think he really came to grips with the real world and is racing harder since he went to Gibbs.

I think Kyle is a great racer, but in my book he does not even compare to Jeff Gordon. Kyle has raced 155 cup races. By the time Jeff had that many, Jeff had won 2 Cup championships. By this time Jeff had won 29 races to Kyle's 14. Jeff had 16 poles to Kyle's 5, and last, Jeff had led 7247 laps to Kyle's 3761.

I remember last year when Kyle was winning at a fast clip. he arrogantly states he would "shatter" Jeff's 13 win record. Well, it did not happen. I think he has a while before he matches Jeff.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt the Boy can drive. However, leave the the little temper tantrums and trash talking to the stick and ball sports. Until you win the big prize at the end of the year,STFU!

Anonymous said...

Kyle is a twit and I am a HUGE Junior fan.... But... where did he say ANYTHING about Junior in that quote? I'm not defending Busch by any means... just wondering why what he said should make my blood boil?.?.?.?. (P.S. SOMEBODY PUT BUSCH IN THE WALL!!!!!) I was at Bristol and that race SUCKED because of him!!!

super trooper said...

Nascar is and has been over the past few years about who has got the most money and biggest support group. By the end of the year,much like last year, if Little Busch keeps running his chops and putting down his teammates, his peers and the race fans he is going to wind up in the same place he did last year....just racing with no shot at a championship. Kyle needs to learn to STHU and stop running his mouth off to the press. As far as JR, maybe not the best driver on the circuit but if you have ever been to a race and all those fans a raising hell when he takes the lead, that is exciiting, and that is what we as race fans all enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Super Trooper???????
Should be Super Pooper.
You will never hear me cheer when jr. takes the lead.I have several drivers I pull for and he's not one of them.He needs to stop getting drunk every Sat night.That might have something to do with his problem.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Bush is a child and he is acting like a child, yes he is good, but you don't bash someone in your community, espically a small community. (NACAR) He will need help one day and all the bashing will bite him. I'm not a JR fan but Kyles comments were not right nor professional. If all you JR bashers remember JR was 3rd in points this time last year.

Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous, how is simply pointing out the obvious a bad thing by Kyle Busch?

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