Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 more Earnhardts join NASCAR mix

Kerry Earnhardt, the oldest son of seven-time NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, is coming back to NASCAR’s Nationwide Series competition and he’s bringing his son, Jeffrey, with him.

They were announced Tuesday as part of Rick Ware Racing.

Kerry Earnhardt will try to make the field for the Nationwide race at Texas on April 4, the first of several races he’ll run this year. Jeffrey Earnhardt has seven races planned, beginning at Dover on May 30, keeping him eligible to run for rookie of the year in 2010.

Rick Ware Racing fields the No. 31 and No. 41 Chevrolets. The No. 31 is attempting a full schedule while the No. 41 will run on a part-time basis.

Kerry and Jeffrey will both try to make the Nationwide race at Atlanta later this year. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is also scheduled to enter that race with his team.

Jeffrey Earnhardt is scheduled to enter the races at Dover, Chicago, Watkins Glen, Montreal, Michigan, Atlanta and Charlotte.

All-star format to be announced: The format for this year’s Sprint All-Star Race is expected to be announced today at an early afternoon news conference at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

Last year’s race was run in four segments of 25 laps each. The only thing we know so far is that this year’s race should be the same total length of 100 laps or 150 miles.


dshaf said...

Is it too early to complain that
Jeffrey Earnhardt needs to change his crew chief?

Anonymous said...

Boy, if the NASCAR fans want personality, Jeffrey was not there the day they were passed out.

How old is he? I remember seeing Jeff Gordon interviewed on ESPN when he was about 13 and he was full of life. We've been watching Joey Logano interviewed for the last 2-3 years and he is also great.

Jefferey beter get with the program. Last name is not going to be enough.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Jeffrey competed with Joey. Joey won Rookie of the Year Award. Joey won the championship. Jeffrey won the most popular driver designation. When will it ever end?

Anonymous said...

I don't see any good coming from this. I just keep thinking Adam Petty. You can only go back to the gene pool once and maybe twice. A successful Third Generation is extremely rare and often tragic. Way too much mental baggage to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Two more Azzles to contaminate the sport.2 more reasons not to watch.

Anonymous said...

Actually Grasshopper he would be the forth generation. Ralph, Dale, Dale Jr. and Kerry then Jeff. Look at it this way if he starts one cup race the people that vote for the all star race would probably put him in based on his last name. The kid has an advantage based on his last name. He would be foolish not to take the bull by the horns and use it.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Jeffrey is that he has mediocre talent. He will never be a star.

Good grief who ever heard of an Earnhardt having to participate in a driver development program to get a ride? That is pathetic. Those spots should be for kids who have had no opportunity--not for the grandson of one of the most celebrated NASCAR drivers.

Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Monkeesfan said...

Pathetic. It's bad enough Kerry "Can't race to save my life" Earnhardt is back; now he has to drag his son with him?

Anonymous said...

Monkeesfan you are correct.This isn't even news worthy.But!You have to remember who write this blog.David Poole has out done himself again.

Anonymous said...

After father and son tank, they'll say it's because they did not have good equipment.

My question would be, why did you sign up with them then?

Kerry at one time raced for RCR and still could not make it. Kerry, who is pushing 40, has not done as well in the Nationwide series as Joey Logano who is 18.

Kerry raced 70 times. He had zero wins, zero poles, and only led 13 laps. His finishing average was 24.8.

Joey on the other hand, raced 22 times. He had 1 win, 1 pole and led 272 laps. His average finish was 9.5.

I don't get why Kerry just doesn't get a job. And his son an education.

Kelly knew she was not going to race, so she went to college and ot an education.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey has PLENTY of personality. Did shy ever come to mind? I'm reading a bunch of judgemental b/s. Let's see the guy do his own thing! I think there's potential for real talent!

Anonymous said...

anon, How do you know Jeffrey has PLENTY of personality? What does "there's potential for real talent" mean?

Anonymous said...

Speaking for myself...

I'm ready for "Jr. Nation" and "Earnhardt Nation" to be gone.

The drivers don't bother me...but their fans sure do.

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