Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sure hope it plays well in Peoria

First impression - the burnout contest needs work on the format but the concept is good. It doesn't need to be a timed event, that's for sure, at least not totally. It ought to be about who can do the most creative burnout and let the fans vote on the winner or something. But I do like the idea.

Jimmy Spencer just said that he has "hibernated" from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Goodness gracious, I like that guy. What he meant, I think, was that he's now moved to North Carolina and he's glad about that.

Speed is trying too hard to make this a big deal. "Official" viewing parties in New York, Miami and Los Angeles? Please. Hermie Sadler screams about how the excitement is building in the garage and then "proves" that by interviewing THE GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!

It took me about 15 minutes to get from the infield around the track and then another 15 to get through the gate because I waited in line with the fans while ticket takers were tearing little stubs off the end. Nothing like making your paying customers fight foo so they can get in the gate.

I've eaten some beef tips in the press box and I still cannot get rid of that damn cucumber after taste. Now that I am upstairs looking down at the track I find myself wondering what Tums had to pay to get about 50 banners up along pit wall down the frontstretch, and also wondering how it can be possible for every track in America to find a public address announcer that sucks as bad as every other track. There must be a school somewhere.

The fireworks are starting early. A guy one row down from me in the press box just plugged his computer in and the plug basically blew up.

Now THAT was a burnout.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite. What the hell does foo mean?
Fox, err I mean Speed, is sure making this some exciting TV. I've actually muted my TV while waiting for the all-star race and am listening to the officials channel on Trackpass instead. Wow, he just told somebody to move an orange cone! That was way better than that segment on Windtunnel when Jaws explained how he came up with that Boogity garbage.

Anonymous said...

Foo is anything that makes your life difficult. Comes from the band Foo Fighters. We use it on the Sirius radio show -- we have Rule 17: Foo must be fought whenever and wherever foo can be found to be fought.

Anonymous said...

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