Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sadler out of luck and NASCAR out of patience with crab-walking cars

It's 8:30 now and A.J. Allmendinger and Sam Hornish have moved into the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race with their top-two finishes in the Showdown.

Elliott Sadler is not exactly thrilled with Allmendinger after their early race incident. Sadler has inherited Matt Kenseth's luck lately, it seems.

I was sitting here in the press box a little while ago and John Darby walked in. We were chatting and I asked him what they were going to do about the sideways cars the teams are building these days. He said that the teams need a little bit of that to make their cars work, but that this week several of them have gone beyond the point NASCAR is going to tolerate.

One of the cars pushed to and maybe beyond the limit was Hornish's No. 77 Dodge. Several teams told me this week that if I wanted to understand what people were talking about in terms of the sideways cars I should look at the 77 as the example.

Hornish said in his interview after finishing second in the Showdown that his car is so sideways it's hard for him to actually get it into his stall in the garage without hitting the door openings.

Darby said NASCAR will likely inform the teams this week to "clean things up." Mabye next week the cars will actually roll up the ramp onto the scales without having to be crab-walked.


Anonymous said...

So Elliott Sadler is disappointed that he was taken out too early and didn't even get a chance to show us what he had tonight. Too damn bad. What goes around, comes around, you know how Tony must have felt last week at Darlington.

Monkeesfan said...

John Darby needs to learn what a real rules package is, because theones he insists on don't work.

Haus14 said...

It would be great if Nascar would just make some changes to the cars to give them more downforce so the teams didn't have to crab walk them so is almost back to the old car where it was the body that looked so deformed depending on the track.

Anonymous said...

At least Sadler had the class to own up to the incident that took Stewart out at Darlington - and apologized immediately on camera.

I sure didn't hear anything like that out of Allmendinger. No class.

Anonymous said...

Why not use a "regular" car and if these "drivers" can't race them, I'm sure there are plenty of drivers around who can !

Anonymous said...

If Tony wants to cry about Darlington, he sould do it in the mirror.

Tony wrecked himself by going three wide in a place that it is not wise to do so. Through the rest of that race, and earlier, the person on the top (and behind) gave way to the car on the bottom.

Tony's me first, and only me, and everyone else should bow to me, attitude is getting REALLY old.

Monkeesfan said...

Why did anyone really think NASCAR was ahead of the teams in the technology arms race? The whole "we're gonna stop them from twisting the bodies on the cars" thinking was self-delusion.

Moreover, why is it NASCAR's business to police how the teams "twist" the bodies to begin with? If they want to increase drag on the cars, use the roof wicker and a bigger rear spoiler instead of a wing; they can't twist the bodies around that. And chop the roofline down for better balance and go back to a longer nose and flush airdam - get rid of that idiotic aeropush gap in the nose.

Anonymous said...

I thought with the COT there were no grey areas any more, but now we have a huge grey area. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymouse 8:57AM..perhaps you did not look hard enough to find AJ's discussion of the incident with Sadler. To save you the time, here it is:

.....What happened between you and Elliott Sadler during the race?
"I don't know if I can really defend myself. It was my fault -- I slid up in to him. I didn't mean to do it. We'd been loose throughout the whole race to start. I was tucked under Brian (Vickers) to try to get him by and get around Elliott (Sadler) clean. I basically passed him right as that yellow came out. I was so close to Brian that the nose just took off on me and I was out of throttle the whole time just trying to miss him. I don't want to race like that. I don't want to be known to race like that. There's no defense. I messed up. I'll apologize to him but I know right now that doesn't mean anything. I don't want to be known for that. We'll talk later. There's no defense there that was my fault."

Anonymous said...

anon - "I sure didn't hear anything like that out of Allmendinger. No class."

Then next time get you head out of the refrigerator and listen. The booth bobbleheads all related Allmendingers radio comments about being sorry seconds after the incident.

Anonymous said...

Monkeesfan - "Why did anyone really think NASCAR was ahead of the teams in the technology arms race? The whole "we're gonna stop them from twisting the bodies on the cars" thinking was self-delusion.

Clueless as usual I see.

They aren't "twisting" the bodies, they are using excessive yaw produced by the trackbar.

Nice try simianfan.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference between 3 wide at Darlington and overdriving a corner on a restart at Lowes...

Monkeesfan said...

marc, they beat the sanctioning body again because they are way ahead of it in the technology arms race. And my post was an atack on the anctioning body's self-important mindset - they think they know better and are always surprised when the teams beat them in the technology arms race.

Anon #8 had it pegged - they thought there'd be no grey areas anymore; instead the teams found a big grey area. Yte anothe example of the fundamental failure of the COT.

BTW, you want clueless, look in the mirror when the bodies turn up with twist as they inevitably will if they aren't already evolving there.

Monkeesfan said...

BTW marc - just why is it the sanctioning body's business to police how the bodies are raked, anyway?

Monkeesfan said...

I'm still waiting, Marc.

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