Saturday, October 11, 2008

It matters who the messenger is and who pays the messenger

CONCORD, N.C. - So now photographic proof of Thursday's scuffle between Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards is out there for everyone to see.

It's not that there was ever any doubt that what was reported actually happened. Too many people saw the two drivers pushing and shoving for that. They also saw photographers standing there, taking pictures of the whole thing, too.

Why weren't those photos immediately available on news wires and Internet sites?

Well, the sad truth is that most of the people shooting pictures in the NASCAR garage these days aren't there working - at least primarily - for news organizations.

Yes, they've got press credentials. But most of them are working in one form or another for NASCAR, for the race track, for one of the manufacturers or for one of the teams or their sponsors. That means they've got conflicts of interest.

As soon as word spread of the Edwards-Harvick incident, the rumors also started spreading that representatives from the teams those drivers represent were exerting influence to have the pictures withheld from distribution to the media.

I know for a fact that at least one person working for Lowe's Motor Speedway had images of the scuffle, and I also know that there was a discussion about whether or not those images should be supplied to The Associated Press so that newspapers and web sites everywhere might have access to them.

As I said in Saturday morning's paper, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if Humpy Wheeler had still be president and general manager of this track there would not have even been a question about them being released. Wheeler would have taken the pictures down to the closest Walgreen's himself to have them process had that been necesary.

But Wheeler is gone and there's a new regime in charge. I don't know for a fact that the man who replaced Wheeler, Marcus Smith, was called in personally on the decision whether to sit on the photos or not. But if Wheeler still worked here I promise you he would have made sure anybody who hadn't heard about scuffle did so as quickly as possible.

Look, if you run the race track you might decide not to let the photos get out because you want to make sure your relationships with the Cup teams are good. If you decide that it's more important to make nice with a race team than to try to stir up controversy surrounding your race, that's a question of philosophy.

But as a fan, it ought to worry you that the rest of the photographers who got pictures of the scuffle didn't race each other back to their computers to get them sent out over the wires. That's the way things used to be, when you had professional photojournalists who were here to see and document the news and not primarily to shoot promotional pictures than can be billed to some corporate client.

The media can be a popular whipping boy these days, and we don't always get it right. But we are here so that the whole story - and not just what NASCAR and the tracks and the teams want you to hear - gets told and gets shown.

When it isn't, and when business decisions start trumping good journalism, that is when the media will let you down.


Anonymous said...


You are absolutely correct but left out one important fact. The reality is that the AP does not pay enough for a photo to buy dinner for a family of 4, let alone make a living. There may not be a single magazine who is willing to pay enough for a photographer to cover a race and break even, let alone make a living. The truth is that there is no way to make a living shooting racing without corporate work, and this incident is the inevitable result. But thanks for this really insightful read on the event!

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes one wonder what else we don't know and how much other everyday information is consciously and purposely filtered, diluted and watered down before being released for public consumption.

NASCAR often resembles a Communist dictatorship.

Pictures ? We don't need no stinkin' pictures ....!

We've got imaginations!

The reality of the whole NASCAR thing is....


Mike Hutton said...

The media is fair and unbiased? Those days, my friends, haven't been seen since rotary-dial phones or black-and-white TV sets. Not all media, mind you, just enough to cast questions on the entire group - 98% of them are hard-working people giving us fans access to a sport we can't get ourselves. David has done a good thing by calling out his own industry here.

Take, for example, the TV crew who interviewed 60 different soldiers recently from a unit stationed in Baghdad and asked for whom they were going to vote for President. There were 54 responses for McCain/Palin and 6 for Obama/Biden. Guess which 6 aired on the evening news?

Enough said. Let's race!

Anonymous said...

And the pictures add just what to the story?

With as many witnesses that were cited in the original wire reports there was little doubt of what happened.

So what's the point of the pics?

Despite your whaling and gnashing of teeth over the Evil Empire of NASCAR and associated cohorts Poole, you forgot to mention one thing....

The outlets that do publish the pics, TR I'm lookin' at you and a couple others, are just as much a corporate whore to ad revenue boosts for posting them as those Poole is accusing.

Pot meet kettle Bob Henry.

Anonymous said...

Great comments, David. You are absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

Well Poole, you got one thing right. You press people don't always get it right. In your particular case, getting it right is a rarity. Fair and unbiased media??? You're joking, right? That's laughable.
Also, Mike Hutton... well said!!

Anonymous said...

The media is fair and unbiased? industry here.

Take, for example, the TV crew who interviewed 60 different soldiers recently from a unit stationed in Baghdad and asked for whom they were going to vote for President. There were 54 responses for McCain/Palin and 6 for Obama/Biden. Guess which 6 aired on the evening news?

Holy cow, is anyone surprised the ending to your little made up story is how the big ol' liberal media only showed the 6 who plan to vote...

If a person wants to vote for a democrat it's cause the media kept some secret or the other from all of America.

You fox rush freaks are a sad lot.

Gosh did you know some dumbasses actually think Obama is an arab or one of them mooslums.

You're an idiot. Try thinking for yourself for once.

Monkeesfan said...

marc, how would publishing photos of the fight by TR constitute corporate whoring? "The pics add what tothe story?" Visual proof.

Anonymous #7, there was no made up story by mike hutton here.
"If a person wants to vote for a democrat its because the media kept some secret or the other from all America." Given the media's grossly inaccuarte Iraq coverage, its coverage of the economy and that it's stronger than tha media is giving it credit for, and its attempt to hide Barack Obama's alliances with terrorists and organizations engaged in massive vote fraud, to give the MSM any legitimacy anymore is dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

"its coverage of the economy and that it's stronger than tha media is giving it credit for"

if it's so strong then W is just defrauding the taxpayers for another $1,000,000,000,000.00 for the fun of it.

W the movie should be a fun little work of art.

Anonymous said...

Even the angry Republican losers find their way on a blog about racing. Is there no end?

Anonymous said...

Obama / Barry Soetoro just may be Muslim.

Anonymous said...

David - You are indeed on target that Humpy would have someone taking them to Walgreen's to get 400 8x10's made to distribute to the media. It's also accurate that virtually all of the photographers in the garage have very cozy corporate relationships.

But it's overstating it to say that in the good old days the garage was filled with photojournalists tracking down the big story. For the last 30+ years, most of the photographers at the race have gotten most of their revenue from sponsors. Besides, the sad reality is that editorial outlets pay diddly squat for photography, barely enough for some Bojangles by the LMS media center. Besides, how many print outlets are paying photographers to travel to races now? None. Heck, they hardly pay for writers to travel any more.

But it also shows the hypocrisy of these two companies that held the photos. Both get in to most races under a media credential, then spend all of their time shooting for corporate sponsors. One often gets in under a Sporting News credential and the other supplies photos to and Sports Illustrated, among some of the people that use their photography. The editors at those media outlets should be outraged that the photographers supposedly shooting for them tried to suppress coverage because of who gets a bigger invoice each quarter.

But these relationships are just part of the story. There are all sorts of conflicts of interest with print, radio, TV and online too, in all of sports. It just happened to be the photographers this time. Next time I fully expect a rant lamenting the fact that newspapers or even Sports Illustrated do a special race section only when they can make money on it from advertising, not on whether their readers want it or if it's simply worthy of editorial coverage. Or how about a rant on TV networks giving more editorial prominence to the properties they cover. It's not just the photographers.

Anonymous said...

Poole and several respondents have alluded to this, but the problem is not corporate influence in general -- it's corporate influence within the media. I am a free-market capitalist and an advocate of a free press, but when the press becomes as commerce-driven and entertainment-styled as it has become nowadays, you can forget about altruistic, purely objective journalism. The media will serve one master: ratings/circulation.

BTW - Love the way the liberals always post under "anonymous" while the conservatives publish their names.

Mike Hutton said...

Anonymous from 10/12 @ 12:18AM - It's not a made up story.

Anonymous from 10/12 @ 1:16AM - Am I a Republican? Yes. Are we going to lose? Probably. Do we deserve to? Probably. If that's the way the country votes, than that's the way the country votes.

To both of you - I give you the courtesy of this reply without the need to hide behind an anonymous, name-calling post. I'd take you each more seriously if you had the stones to post under a real identity.

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

monkeesbutt - "marc, how would publishing photos of the fight by TR constitute corporate whoring? "The pics add what tothe story?" Visual proof."

Well lets see, TR (and it's masters The Charlotte Observer and the McClatchy Company), ESPN and the others aside from a couple blogs are all corporations and they published the images.

They are all in the business of making money and if publishing the photos gains them cash, which they possibly did via increased web traffic/ad space clicks, they whored themselves out for little to no reason.

You need visual proof? Why, weren't several quotes from witnesses enough to indicate the story was reliable?

Weren't quotes from the combatants themselves enough of a confirmation?

No confirmation was needed. Period. End of story.

Go ahead, spin how it was all done in the public's service. How god-awful important it was to get "visual confirmation."

(NOTE: no actual photos were used in the making of this comment - ed)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Poole, you have said you read the comments left. I hope you read this: thank you for writing this entry. It needs to come from someone in the NASCAR media that is respected and has been around long enough to recognize the differences. No, this isn't WWIII, but the fact that team owners want to cover it up and you speak about that point is the very reason I appreciate your blog. Thanks.

Monkeesfan said...

marc, you have not said anything relevent here. "They whored themselves out for no reason." And that justifies not publishing photos showing the fight between Edwards and Harvick? This not only is illogical, it is pathetic reasoning. Publishing photos was called for here; there was zero reason not to publish them. Period, end of story.

anonymous #9 - actually it was the left-wing Congress who defrauded the taxpayers by paying banks etc. to make bad mortgages - Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were gigantic frauds. As for the overall economy, check the links within this post and also here for indication that the economy is stronger than the panickers think it is.

Monkeesfan said...

Darn it - wrong links - go to the links within here and here.

Anonymous said...

well, there's always a repuke around to bag on somebody because they did or did not do something or the other the average ol' repuke demands they do.

it's nice "only" repukes actually use their real names. the comments by your fellow 'puke... mr. monkeesfan is of course some guy named... "monkee s. fan"

it would be sad for you if you EVER realized ol' W for 8 years and the repuke congress for 6 of those 8 years have totally run our country into the ground. what's the debt so far...$3,000,000,000,000.00 ?

do you know obama is one of them mooslums.
he was born in russia or one of them there commie countries.
he was out bombin the pentagon when he was 6 years old.
some relative of his is from some place far far away.
he's actually a mormon and has 3 or 4 other wives.

actually, what pisses you racists little right wing neo CONS off so bad is obama is one of them uppity negro people who don't know their place in america.

you people are too stupid to vote.

Anonymous said...

"whoring themselves out" and "only do a special section when you can sell ads"

Unless people are willing to pay about $3 a day for a newspaper, then ads and doing what's necessary to increase revenue is a fact of life. Newspapers are a business like any other, and the people that produce them need to eat.

Anonymous said...

i'm a photographer who covers the races on a weekly basis. i'm not going to argue about whether or not the photos should have been immediately released.

what does bother me is that, while the associated press and other news organizations were credentialed to be at the track and did indeed have representatives present at the time of the incident, there were only two organizations there shooting when the incident occurred.

it was a rain delay, the drivers were out of their cars -- where were all of these reporters and photographers who are complaining about the photos not being released? most were in the media center, playing on their computers.

personally, i don't think lazy journalism should be rewarded. all of the stories about the incident are second and third person accounts. and why should the photographers who were actually working feel compelled to give their pictures away to those who were too lazy to to walk 100 feet outside the media center and do their jobs?

as for the conflict between media and corporate interests that many nascar journalists face, all i can say is that getty images, one of the largest "media" organizations in the world, is the official photographer for nascar and many other sports leagues, and they, too, have corporate clients in the garage. i know for certain that in the nhl, there was at least one instance a few years ago where the getty photographer was also a team photographer and did not immediately release photos of a fight during a game.

however, my main point, again, is that unless it is a pool or restricted situation, where not every photographer is allowed, then the mighty news organizations should not expect others to do their work for them.

Anonymous said...

David -

Well said. What's very interesting to me is how when Edwards first came into NASCAR everyone was calling a breath of fresh air. I also remember when Edwards went after Kenseth at Martinsville this year - a teammate no less! He also couldn't control himself when Jr. bumped him in a Nationwide race. I think his star has fallen and don't buy his 'awe, shucks' persona he tries to display. Will the real Carl Edwards please stand up!

Anonymous said...

Ask anyone in the industry what "REALLY" happens behind the scenes. It's amazing how incidents involving teams, drivers, team owners or even their family members conveniently never gets reported.

Just coincidental, or is there something more to it? It helps when most of the photographers/reporters at the track are in some way, shape or form associated with the sport itself.

Monkeesfan said...

anonymous #19, the "debt" is more accounting fiction than reality, just as "turned the US from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation" and "tax cuts for the rich" have always been accounting fictions. It is the accounting fiction that the left uses to make itself look superior even though no liberal economic policy has ever worked.

What "ticks off" real people is that Obama is a hustler whose entire line of "work" as a community activist/lawyer/leftist politician has been enriching the welfare state and conspicuously not creating jobs with which the welfare state can grow up to something better.

We're not too stupid to vote - you're too dishonest to vote.

Monkeesfan said...

As for this incident, the bottom line is photos should have been published because it is the raw truth of the matter. What seems to be happening is a lot of people don't want something coming out that portrays participants in the sport in a grossly unflattering light. Sorry, but that is necessary - there needs to be an unflattering light put on aspects of the sport that, hopefully, shame enough people into doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

ol' W for 8 years and the repuke congress for 6 of those 8 years have totally run our country into the ground. what's the debt so far...$3,000,000,000,000.00 ?

did i say... $3,000,000,000,000.00??

i noticed last night it's

Anonymous said...

whose entire line of "work" as a community activist has been enriching the welfare state.

you should like that as most republican voters live in white trash trailer parks, too fat to work, waiting for the 3rd to cash their disability checks, bitching about them there (n word)s.

they endlessly complain about them black people who buy steaks and beer with their vision card and loadin the loot up in their new cadillac on their way home to that big mansion on the hill.

the problem is they live a life of bitterness wondering why, since they are on welfare too, how come they don't drive one of them there new cars and eat steaks.

republicans get really pissed off when someone spends years trying to make their community a better place to live and raise kids.

Anonymous said...


It’s a sad day when I have to agree with Monkeesfan on anything, but he is right on and you are dead wrong.

Of course you will believe what you will, and no amount of facts will ever change the ingrained ignorance that the liberal media has drilled into your head.

Mike Hutton is probably correct, republicans will lose this election, but in the long run the truth will come out about ineffective socialist policies that the left continues to push.

Capitalism reigns supreme though, and I am buying as much stock as I can right now thanks to failed liberal policies that have caused the current economic issues, in the long run, education will always win out over rhetoric. You? Probably selling off your retirement and putting cash under your mattress. Or worse, buying into liberal rhetoric that social security is meant to fund the retirements of millions of workers when it can’t even pay the same interest as a simple savings account – and then crying about it when you end up retiring drop dead broke.

Say what you want, vote how you want, but in 4 years I will be saying - along with millions of others - 'don’t blame us, we warned you about Obama and his leftist ideas'.

Check these links out while youre at it...

Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous #27, it is obvious you have nothing with which to discuss the issue - nothing in the way of facts, reasoned conjecture, anything. All you are doing is vening spastically and impotently. Obama's work in the community involved enriching South Chicago slumlords and impoverishing the area. That manifestly doesn't count as improving the community.

Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous #26, it says accouting fiction. Ruined? Exactl the opposite.

Anonymous said...

you neo CONS never miss a chance to brag about how rich you are from listening to the big ol' oxy drug addict and those inbred fake news fags.

we be all impressed that you are buying stock. you're so up scale.

socialism isn't obama. socialism is your boy W. give to the banks, and give to the wall street criminals.

it must be handy to totally waste your company's assets and then go to the government to bail you out. reverse socialism bush style... take from the middle class and give to the rich.

socialism is blowing iraq up and continuing to send them a trillion a year while they save their owm money.

wake up.

Anonymous said...

what's crazy is how mccain and falin stare straight into the camera and lie their asses off.

Anonymous said...

for the love of mother, shut the heck up or take that crap somewhere else. this isn't That's

Anonymous said...

you people are pathetic. i bet you would even argue about politics during a funeral service. it's amazing to me that this crap has to permeate every aspect of our society these days.

talk about the subject at hand, or go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

"it's amazing to me that this crap has to permeate every aspect of our society these day"

I think there's an election comming up soon.

You're right it would be better if nobody cared at all.

Anonymous said...

then comment on it in an election forum, not on a page that's supposed to be about nascar.

Monkeesfan said...

anonymous #31, first of all, every point you make in your post is false. There aren't Wall Street criminals, just Freddie Mac/Fannie mae criminals, the welfare staters given loans everyone knew could not be repaid, and the crooked congressmen like Barney Frank and Barack Obama enabling them. And we didn't blow up Iraq, we liberated it.

Second, stick to the issue of this particular subject or zip it.

Anonymous said...

you right wing neo pansys are all the same.

you feel free to make random bullshit references to the msm, welfare minorties, and a fellow american citizen who has the balls to be a black man and run for president.

then you wait around to bask in the glow of acceptance from your fellow neo criminals who also support the party of the rich while living in semi poverty.

as soon as somebody calls you out for your relentless stupidy and willingness to accept outright lies and deception from your party you whine about this being a nascar blog.

as kevin would say... you're a bunch of brainwashed pansys.

Monkeesfan said...

anonymous #30, as thinking people are by objective definition anti-leftist, your hatemongering is best aimed at you rown ideology. We don't make "random references," we make truthful statements. We don't tell lies, we refute them. Look in the mirror for what you claim to abhor, and please limit your comments to the subject of this particular posting, not the deranged hatemongering that is the heart of leftist political ideology.

Monkeesfan said...

That should be "Anonymous #38." I apologize for the misidentification due to typographical error.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous #30, as thinking people are by objective definition anti-leftist"

you're filled with self importance.

"we make truthful statements. We don't tell lies, we refute them."

you're so right about everything.

"please limit your comments to the subject of this particular posting"

so you are really david poole?
of course you're not david poole.
you are the moderator in you're blog, which NOBODY reads, not here.

nothing like a neo crook wanting to tell everybody else what to do and what to think.

Anonymous said...

mr poole: with all due respect . . .
could you please step up and moderate your blog a bit more aggressively? i undersatnd that folks have strong feelings about the election but i really don't want to come to a RACING blog and have to wade thru them to get to comments about the topic at hand.

i respectfully suggest that those who want to battle the election do so on a more appropriate site and leave this site -- and other racing sites -- out of it. i am weary of having to scroll thru far too many political comments just so i can finally read some thoughts about our sport.

while the comments may be of interest, they are, in my opinion, inappropriate for this blog and can certainly find a home on any of the thousands of poltical blogs across the internet.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

red said...
mr poole: with all due respect . . .

well red

thank you for one more political comment.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:05 PM: not sure how my request for more active moderation on a racing site is a political comment. perhaps i am asking for something that this site isn't looking to do as i know that conversations here do go far beyond the racing content.

if so, my apologies to those regular posters who enjoy that aspect of this blog. for myself? i am a campaign worker this election cycle and i spend great blocks of time working on politics. for that reason, i look to my love of racing to "give me a break." perhaps that's where my request for less politics on a racing blog came from.

the actual topic has been one that i find interesting and i was looking forward to reading diverse thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

The political discussion is not so far off topic when you consider that media are always interlinked with the government of the country in which they operate, and in the microcosm of sport, media are always interlinked with the management of the sport. America is a representative democratic republic with Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press, but NASCAR is a monarchy. So, the media covering NASCAR have to operate in a kind of middle ground -- hence the disagreement over the fight photos.

I agree that the discussion has stretched the limits of relevance, but I've read very few blogs that stay strictly on task.

Sure wish all those anonymous posters were smart enough to figure out how to put their names on their posts, whatever the subject matter! Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind.

Anonymous said...

david green, i fully agree about the intertwining of nascar, media and american society. which brings us back to the original question this particular blog posed: why the delay in releasing the photos of the incident?

the part that i believe to be critical is that nascar controls access at all tracks and a photog (or reporter) who makes nascar squirm could, i suspect, easily find him/herself without track access credentials for a race or two. that should make every fan go "hmmmm."

granted, it's been a fact of nascar-life from the very beginning but that doesn't mean it SHOULD be that way. as a fan, i do hold reporters and journalists accountable for what they report and -- more importantly -- FAIL to report. i'm not looking to learn the personal stuff in a driver's life: i really don't care about that. but something like 2 of the chase drivers having a physical altercation that came about b/c of a conflict that happened a week earlier? yeah, that has impact, if only b/c it might have translated on to the track that weekend. and did i want to see the photos? you bet b/c i want to make my own decisions and those photos are part of that. in fact, i can tell you that when i first read about it, i took the "boy, that was a stupid move on edwards' part!" no more, no less. but the photos changed my perception and have me once again wondering about edwards' inclination to get physical when he believes he's been wronged. so, yes, the photos made a difference for me.

bottom line for me is that nascar has always controlled what is reported and how for the vast majority of the media corps report the sport (david: please note the use of the word "majority": i'm not impunging your professionalism here!) that might have been understandable "back in the day," when there wasn't the ability to watch the races on tv and the sport's reach was much more limited. but tv and the internet have changed all that and nascar needs to change as well.

in my opinion, the philosophy of "you need this sport more than this sport needs you" is outdated and the continuing attempts by the executives in charge of nascar to maintain that attitude are foolish.

as for anons: i'm with you on that. just pick some sort of nickname that couldn't possibly identify you and post under that consistently. so much easier than me having to count the anons so that i can lable someone as "anon12" or having to wonder if anon@4:45 is the same anon@5:16. but as you say: i may as well be trying to herd cats with that!

Anonymous said...

"just pick some sort of nickname that couldn't possibly identify you and post under that consistently"

great, another control freak.

blah blah blah is how I think you should do things. do it and do it MY way.


Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous #41, for a blog you insist nobody reads you sure take it seriously enough to hate it. I guess that's because you can't accept being wrong and self-important - calling me such is the leftist tic of projection, and it's a sign of dishonesty of character on your part to do so.

So either change your opinions or zip it.

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