Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Remember the date, and be wary

It's April 1st, folks. Remember that.

If you read a story that sounds too bizarre or too far out there to be true, chances are good that it's not true. It's probably somebody's idea of a joke for April Fool's Day.

I am trying to walk a fine line here, because the last thing I want to do is drive people to an internet site where sometime late yesterday there was a story posted that got race fans all riled up.

If you know the story I am talking about, I hope you've figured out by now that there's no truth to it.

If you haven't seen the story and don't know what I am referring to, let me just say that a magazine's web site is not going to be the one that breaks -- at the exclusion of all other media outlets -- what would be the biggest story in racing this year 36 hours after a supposed statement is released from an official government source.

When I was in college, I was part of a April Fool's day stunt at our college newspaper. We filled in a few of the answers in the master crossword puzzle, a couple of them incorrectly, so that when you got your paper the next morning it looked like somebody had messed up your puzzle. That went over like, well, about like you might think it would have. But we were in college and we thought everything we did was funny back then.

I know better now.


Keith from Ohio said...

The sad part is, the story may have a prophetic ring to it. Who will be the fool then?

Anonymous said...

just remember folks, the bailout is a bailout of the UAW. gm and mopar would be solvent tomorrow if the union contracts were voided.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2, that's a pile of malarkey.

Anonymous said...

9:33 you are correct.
Poole is a big liberal!So,he's not going to agree.
What Obama needs to do is tell GM to stop wasting money on NASCAR.
If GM is about ready to go belly up?Then sinking money into a drama based entertainment venue is a stupid thing to do.
Maybe Obama will take over NASCAR and shut it down.Oh what a glorious day that will be.
Then Poole can start writing crosswords.
Hum.His words are crossed most of the time anyway.
And thats no foolin.
And I'm not foolin.

Speedcouch said...

David, thanks for finally addressing this "story" and not giving credit to the magazine website. First thing I thought was how that magazine has always hated American cars.

Just wish you and your monring cohorts would've addressed the hoax first thing this morning. I had just listened to the re-air of Buddy's show from last night driving into work and heard the story. Only tuned into your show to hear if it was true and you guys beat around the bush telling what you watched on TV and talking about everything else for half an hour.

Anonymous said...

Car and Driver had the story.

It's pretty rude not to attribute the story, isn't it? It's also less informative. This kind of passive aggressive hostility is not professional journalism.

It you're not here to inform people, what are you here for?

Car and Driver's ranking Hondas over Chevies for the past 20 years has earned them the trust of millions of readers. Their satirizing the awful decision to remove the GM head, Wagoner, will earn them the hearts of millions of readers.

Wagoner was hired after GM was doing awful. he was turning the ship around with some excellent moves. Now he is being blamed for performance problems he was fixing, not ones he was responsible for causing. No white house should have that kind of power, and it's great that CAR AND DRIVER, one of the most professional organizations in media, is making fun of that.

Anonymous said...

It's a great story. The subtle humor in the graphic had me rolling.

why is David Poole blacklisting a funny and well written magazine?

coffee maker said...

i think the PR manager of Car and Driver might have been on vacation when that Nascar April Fool's article was published

Anonymous said...

Since Mr. Wagoner became CEO of GM, GM has lost 50 billion and the stock price has declined by more than 80%.
"excellent moves" indeed.

Monkeesfan said...

David, Anon #2 is correct - GM and Chrysler are in trouble for the most part because of the UAW conrtacts and their wage inflation. GM and Chrysler didn't forget how to build good cars.

mobile said...

Yeah, that's really true! when someone says something either its just a mere lie.

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The union contracts are the reason for their failure obviously. The only people they benefit are the union members until they consume their employer and dry up.

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