Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joe Gibbs -- Racing menace?

It's a good thing for Joe Gibbs that Arena Racing is not under NASCAR jurisdiction, for there's no doubt that Gibbs might be on double secret indefinite probation and owe a hefty fine after the way he drove this weekend in Hampton, Va.
OK, that's a slight bit of overstatement, but what happened when Gibbs raced Interstate Batteries major domo Norm Miller is pretty darn funny.
The plan was for Gibbs and Miller, two long-time buddies, to compete in a 10-lap match race in the half-scale Cup cars used in Arena Racing. The cars race indoors on a one-tenth mile aluminum track.
What possibly could go wrong?
Miller's company provided Gibbs' racing team with its first major sponsorship deal and the two are long-time friends. They'd raced each other on personal watercraft before, but not in front of people and television cameras.
So the race starts with Miller in a green No. 18 car, of course, and Gibbs driving a black No. 20. Miller started from the pole and Gibbs was chasing him.
After five laps, Gibbs goes into turns 1-2 a little too hard and slaps the outside wall. His car wiggles but he gathers it in and tries to go low into Turn 3.
That's when the fun started. Gibbs got in a little too deep -- ala Joey Logano in the Toyota Showdown the same night -- and the nose of his car hit the left-rear of Millers'.
Now before the race, Gibbs' wife, Pat, had implored her husband to be careful. "Whatever you do don't wreck Norm," she said. "She sponsors your race car."
Well, so much for that advice.
When Gibbs' car hit Miller's, the No. 18 tumbled side over side in a complete roll and slammed into the outside wall. To his credit, Gibbs stopped immediately to make sure Miller was OK. He was OK, but somehow Gibbs was declared the winner.
"I was out of control," Gibbs said, showing another sign he's new at this driving buisness. Drivers rarely acknowledge anything like that. "I had been thinking that I needed to get into the corner deeper."
Miller, remarkably jovial about the whole thing, had a retort for that.
"He got in deeper," Miller said. "He got in behind me and on top of me and underneath me, too."
Here's a link to the video: http://www.wvec.com/video/sportsvid-index.html?nvid=325040



Anonymous said...

I love it when two fellas can just have fun and laugh about that

3KillerBs said...

Maybe now we know why the Coach has chosen the type of drivers he's chosen for his team. :D

Monkeesfan said...


Man, will those two do that again? Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Next blog will be aqbout the bingo game at the Shadyrest YAWN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, but it proves that the real thing cant start too soon! I need a fix badly!!

Anonymous said...

Spanky - "Next blog will be aqbout the bingo game at the Shadyrest YAWN!!!!"

And your next blog will be what?

Oh, wait, you have failed to author a blog. You just infest Poole's with nonsensical comments.

Heaven forbid anyone write about one of the sports leading owners doing something for military families and provide enjoyment for racing fans.

Right Spanky?

Let me guess, you didn't know that evening was dedicated to the U.S. Military?

Or you just don't care.

Anonymous said...

Now we know where JD and Coy got their driving skills from.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Spanky's highlight of everyday is when David puts up his new blog.

I usually ignore ignorant bloggers, but in this case I just have pity. Seems like this is someone with not talent, no life, no friends, who just clicks on this site all day long waiting and waiting for a new post.

What a loser!

Lloyd said...

Thats a classic that those two guys can laugh about for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

So good to see these two ole guys having fun.

David, thanks for the link.

julissa said...

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