Monday, August 25, 2008

Fair for one guy ought to be fair for the other

Saturday night's Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway certainly gives NASCAR Nation plenty to talk about until next weekend, huh?

As I mentioned briefly in what I wrote for the Observer on Monday, don't ask me to tell what's right and what's wrong when it comes to the "ettiquette" of bumping a guy to take the lead from him on a short-track.

Here's what I do know about it, though.

It doesn't seem right to me for fans to be critical of one driver for bumping others and then say he gets what he deserves when he gets bumped. If you don't like Kyle Busch because you think he knocks people out of the way too often, then what you're telling me you don't like is the bumping and not the guy doing it. OK, then, if Busch gets bumped isn't he as much of the victim as somebody that he bumps? If it's the bumping that's wrong, then it's wrong no matter who does it, right?

I know there's a difference between bumping somebody and wrecking somebody. That's obvious. But don't tell me you're surprised Busch got mad Saturday night when Carl Edwards hit him and moved him up the track. You might just feel that it's part of short-track racing, but surely you understand WHY Busch was angry. He'd led 415 straight laps but didn't win the race. You have to let him have a little room to be bummed about that, don't you?

I will say this. Over the course of a short-track race bumps just like the one Edwards gave Busch happen 100 times or more around the track somewhere in the field. Some you see, some you don't. Some cause wrecks. Some cause guys to get mad and wreck the guy who bumped him. But they happen everywhere. The one we'll be talking about all week, though, happened for the lead with 30 laps to go. Just because it's more prominent, shouldn't it fall under the same rules of the racing road as any bump happening anywhere in the field? Or are the rules different when it comes to first and second?

Give Edwards credit for not pulling the old "Man, I am so sorry that happened" routine. Like it or not, Edwards told the truth. You have to like that.

I don't think NASCAR will penalize anybody for the post-race stuff. Busch got called to the NASCAR hauler, but Edwards did not. Still, it should be at least pointed out that this kind of stuff is dangerous. Busch bumped Edwards about 20 feet from a line of cars heading to the garage/pit area. Edwards turned right back into Busch in retaliation. If one of those cars jerks in an unexpected direction during all of that, somebody could have been hit who wasn't part of the deal. I don't like drivers using their cars as weapons, period.

All of that having been said, you have to at least admit that this is exactly why Bristol is the phenomenon it is. You may not think it's fair or sportsmanlike or whatever, but they jam 160,000 or so in there because there's a reasonable expectation that something memorable and controversial is going to happen. And on a fairly regular basis, it does.


Anonymous said...

True enough, David, but it goes both ways. "Rowdy" Busch isn't shy about bumping other drivers out of his way when he wants to get through. What goes around, comes around. He's entitled to disappointment, but the "Mr Ed" remark was out of line, and so was his pretense that he would never do something like that. That's why all 160,000 of us in the stands booed so loudly. Vile Kyle might have been the victim, but he certainly wasn't innocent.

SPK said...


No matter what you think of Kyle or Carl - I think we would all agree that bumping is 100% part of short track racing and it sure kept it interesting!

NASCAR is getting WAAAAY to sterile, boring, predictable, and way too clean.

Some of the best moments in racing are bump and runs. For example, Jeremy Mayfield and Dale Sr at Pocono. Why you ask? Because I was SO PROUD of him for having the balls to do it - and the DRAMA!!

To all the racers out there, here's what the fans want:

1. Hard racing.
2. Pedal to the metal hair on fire passion.
3. Rubbing.
4. Bumping.
5. (dare I say it) Wrecks.
6. Drama.
7. Doughnuts.

That is all.

(thanks for listening....errr reading)

Anonymous said...

No problem with the Edwards bump or the Busch bump back.

I'm not a fan of it, but I think it's part of racing at the short-tracks.

As long as they aren't wrecking the other guy, I think it should be let go.

I'm sure Busch and Edwards will be on double secret probation now.

And kudos to Carl for being honest. I hate the "Cousin Carl" persona that he has sported in the past but I will give him a lot of respect for being honest and blunt. I hope he keeps it up.

Anonymous said...

One starts to ponder if Kyle is not becoming the "new" Jeff Gordon- Love him or hate him... nothing in between.
Is Kyle a talented race car driver? Sure.
Does he also have a "P.R." problem? Yep... and its stunts like his post race "tantrum" that magnify it.
Dale Sr may have bumped a few out of his way once or twice (please not the sarcasm here) but when Mayfield "rattled his cage" at Poconos, the DE took his bump and moved forward.

Some say Kyle drives alot like Dale Sr did. Perhaps he should learn to act like him too?

Anonymous said...

Stump (baby Busch) got trumped (by Cousin Carl)! I understand being irritated, but short tracks make every driver irritated.

Stump needs to watch the way Kasey handled being taken out of the race completely by someone else's mistake (Mears spotter chose to say clear- clearly he wasn't). Kasey looked at the camera, frustrated, but then said, "this is Bristol and the fans love it".

Stump has so much talent, however has little to no class.

David said...

Kyle drives a lot like Dale Sr. did. He just doesn't have the personality to back it up like Dale did. That showed in the post-race interview, where he was a whiney little brat.

This is a problem that Tony Stewart had too, and he's gotten a lot better at it. Hopefully Joe Gibbs can beat some sense into Kyle too, but I'm not optimistic.

And I think the bumping, especially at Bristol, is completely fair and a part of short-track racing. Carl had the faster car, but sometimes it takes a little encouragement to pass. Kyle tried to do the same thing to Carl after he got passed, but he didn't have the car to execute the pass.

Lloyd said...

I recall shrub doing the same thing to Dale Jr. earlier this year!

Busch alsob gave a bump back after Edwards passed him...he just wasn't able to get back by!

That track is not easy for the guys with tempers...I suprised that Carl was able to control his temper when he couldn't lap Juan Pablo!

Anonymous said...

The bumping didn’t bug me, the comment that Carl was “willing” to take more chances to win the race brought up something though. These two are locked in so all they’re racing for is the bonus points, it seems they now have a win or crash trying mindset… I want to see NASCAR explain this if Carl and Kyle get together and take out 5-6 cars all because of the all or nothing attitude…

Anonymous said...

I said it on another blog... What annoyed me about the bump was how clean the previous restarts had been. Carl tried both the top and bottom and and every time Kyle gave him a lane and didn't pinch him down or run him up the hill. When a guy leads 400+ laps and runs you clean like that, you NEED to have some respect for that driver.. not matter who it is. Running into the guy to get the win isn't racing. You're not doing what you had to do to win, you're doing what you WANTED to. The bump and run is not racing and shouldn't be accepted as "just short track racing". There was a time, not ot long ago, when the bump and run meant if you bumped someone for the win, you better run because you were about to get a well deserved ass kicking. The bump and run is just a cheap way to steal a win.

Anonymous said...


You're in the minority here, my friend.

Bumping is part of stock car racing. Kyle bumped back and didn't have the car to pass Edwards. Edwards pulled away. Edwards had the better car and deserved to win the race.

Kyle was running "his" line and knew that nobody could get around him if he hit his marks. He didn't have to block and swerve all over the place to maintain his position, and he knew it. Don't take that and sugar coat it into saying that he was being a polite gentleman.

Eric R. Swanson said...

Kyle needs to learn to control his emotions a bit better. If he wants lessons, I suggest he talk to Jr. Compare the way Jr. handled himself post-race at Richmond after Kyle spun him to the way Kyle reacted on Saturday night. Jr.'s comments at Richmond were calm and calculated. You could tell he was upset, but he kept his composure and acted like a professional. By contrast, Kyle's tirade on Saturday night made him sound like the spoiled brat that he continues to show us that he is.

Anonymous said...

Swanny said...

Kyle needs to learn to control his emotions a bit better.

Beerslush responds:

No. Not at all. That is what so many have been complaing about for years now. How NASCAR and the drivers have become watered down. Not enough emotion. Drivers are too bland and vanilla. Too PC.

I say let them emote. Let them rant and rave and get fired up. Put some damn excitement into racing again.

When Kyle started to show some attitude and back that up with wins this year it was a welcome breath of fresh air.

After Bristol we've got a first class rivalry between two intense and incredibly talented drivers.

Even soft spoken nice-guy Edwards showed some Kyle-like arrogance and attitude with his remarks that he was glad he gave Kyle the bumper and if he had to do it all over again, he'd do the same thing!

Now we're racing boys! It's about fricken time.

So we as fans have a choice to make.

Do we now throw Edwards under the bus for putting the bumper to people and being an arrogant prick like Kyle?

Or do we celebrate the fact that the two of them have injected some honest to goodness drama into a sport that was in danger of going comatose?

I say let them go at it like wild dogs!

Anonymous said...

Young Mr. Kyle has seemingly developed a bit of a God-complex of late. True, he's a very talented driver and has put together a stellar season this year; however, seems to me that due to this year's success, he now has the mindset that he somehow DESERVES to win every race, and woe unto the driver who beats him fair and square. The only thing he was entitled to that night were the bonus points for leading the most laps. I can certainly understand him being upset at not winning (given his clearly evident "all about me" attitude) but there have been other drivers this season who dominated races and came up short at the checkers and I don't recall any of them using their car as a 3400lb battering ram AFTER the race. Bump and bang all you want during the race, even down to the final turn of the final lap if you have to, but once the checkered flag drops, it's over. That's sportsmanship, plain and simple. It would appear Coach Gibbs still has a lot of work ahead of him molding this spoiled brat into a respectable driver (and human being).

Anonymous said...

Am wondering how many here don't know Carl's nickname is Eddie Haskell? Carl is no angel; remember when he acted like he was going to hit Kenseth after a race last year?

Guaranteed if Kyle bumped Carl for the win we would never hear the end of it.

Kyle went to the hauler, but not Edwards? He should have been there too, just to have both perspectives.

Unknown said...

I agree that bumping is a part of short track racing and that what Carl Edwards did was just typical Bristol racing.

Where I disagree with David is that we should boo Carl for doing the same thing that Kyle Busch gets booed for. The world isn't black and white but all shades of gray. And I think it is perfectly acceptable for fans to look at Kyle's previous driving record, his previous all about me comments and decide that yeah we don't like it when Kyle bumps/wrecks peoople to win.
I think Carl was exactly right in asking himself "would Kyle bump me?" Because I think unlike Kyle, Carl and others use discretion when or how to bump someone during a race. Kyle seems to show that he'll do it to anyone at anytime no matter the consequences, while other drivers take a much different attitude.
That's why Kyle gets booed for it and Carl gets praised on Saturday night!

The Mike said...

"It doesn't seem right to me for fans to be critical of one driver for bumping others and then say he gets what he deserves when he gets bumped. If you don't like Kyle Busch because you think he knocks people out of the way too often, then what you're telling me you don't like is the bumping and not the guy doing it."

I don't know about anyone else, because I can only speak for myself, but my problem with Kyle Busch is not that he pushes people out of his way, but rather that he gets upset when someone does it to him. His hypocritical nature is what annoys me. If you want to bump someone for a spot, don't cry about it when they return the favor.

As for Carl, he couldn't have handled the situation any better. Seconds after Kyle said Carl would give an empty apology, Edwards instead explained why he did it and did not apologize. And seconds after Kyle said he would now race Carl the same way, Edwards made Busch look stupid by pointing out he was only returning the favor for the way Kyle had raced him in the past.

Finally, Edwards remarks to JD Gibbs only put the icing on the cake. For Gibbs to tell Edwards "you reap what you sow" with a straight face while discussing the driving style of Kyle Busch, it's laughable. If that's the case, Kyle should get used to being bumped out of the way for a while to come.

Monkeesfan said...

The bottom line is rubbing is hooliganism, not racing. You are supposed to race people clean. Period.

Monkeesfan said...

spk, you're only partly right. To all the racers out there, here is how it really works -

1 - Go for the lead, period.
2 - Care about winning.
3 - No rubbing; always race people clean.
4 - It is beneficial to both of you if you physically push another car forward to speed both of you up; it constitutes racing people clean.
5 - No doughnuts - just do a simple, dignified victory lap; the sport doesn't need cheap theatrics.

Monkeesfan said...

modman75, absolutely. Bump and run is dirty pool. Always.

Anonymous said...

Daytona has bump drafting.
Talledega has the big one.
Bristol always has beating and banging.

Some tracks come with expecations, therefore I am confused why Kyle felt he is about history trends at certain tracks? How can he say that a bump and run at Bristol is uncalled for?

Anonymous said...

for everyone who choses to bash Kyle and put Carl up on a pedestal, let's not forget Carl's temper tantrum at the Michigan Busch race a couple years ago...

no one's better then anyone else in this instance...

Eric R. Swanson said...

I don't think people are bashing Kyle when they call him out for being a complete hypocrite. After all, Edwards passed him with a bump and run. Kyle then tried to return the favor, but failed.

What people are calling Kyle out for is that he took hypocrisy to a whole new level with his comments about Edwards after the race and his decision to drive into the side of Edwards after the checkered flag in order to show his displeasure with Carl’s move.

The move pulled off by Edwards to take the lead was perfectly legitimate and has been done time after time at Bristol over the years. Moreover, Busch has never been shy about pushing people out of the way, especially when a race win was on the line. So, to see him complaining and crying his crocodile tears after the race was pretty humorous.

The bottom line is that Kyle got treated the way he’s treated others in the past, so if he wants to assign blame for what happened then part of the answer is the guy in the mirror. And let's not forget that he didn't wreck and still finished second, which is one heck of a lot better outcome that some of the people he has stuck a bumper to over the years have finished.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Busch remember bumping David Ragan out of the way on the restart 6 days earlier at Michigan? Busch might be upset at leading a ridiculous number of laps and not winning, but he had 30 laps to get back to Carl's bumper and move him out of the way, and he couldn't get it done, so the fastest car at the end won the race.

Anonymous said...

Henkricks never got rid of Busch because of his driving ability. It was his arrogance, nothing never his fault, tearing up a lot of cars doing dumb things including his own brother. The boy has talent but until he makes a complete makeover with his driving and attitude he will never be very popular. Kyle has taken out many drivers this year including ones who are running for the championship in the trucks and nationwide series which he isn't. That shows you what kind of person he is. But, when someone takes him out, it's somebody else's fault. Kyle has got a lot of payback coming in the cup, nationwide, and truck series. He needs to be prepared because it's coming. Just like Carl said Sat. Night, what would Busch do if he was in that spot? Bet he would have done the same thing maybe even wrecking Carl causing other drivers to wreck also. Don't see how anyone could take up for Busch after all the drivers he has taken out this year in all the series. Again, Busch has got a lot of payback coming. Maybe he'll get some more of it during the chase.

Anonymous said...

Carl is no saint - but he nudged Kyle, he didn't wreck him. Kyle does not get boos because he is aggressive - but because he can't take what he dishes out. There are many examples of KB ramming people instead of passing them, but most recently, didn't he run into the #48 bumper on the restart to get by at Chicago? Did he apologize later? Did Jimmie whine about it and ram him after the race? It's the difference between showing class and being an **s.

For JD Gibbs to find Carl after the race and talk about 'reaping what you sow' is comical. He should have been near his teams cars to watch if his staff is placing magnets under the gas pedal. He should exercise a little humility for at least a couple weeks, before pointing fingers at others.

Anonymous said...


I guess your forgetting the squeaky clean, prim and proper J.D. Gibbs having a talk (completely out of line may I add) with Carl and saying something to the effect of: What goes around, comes around. Carl politely answered with, yes, and it came right back around to Kyle faster than he expected it and bit the small shrub in the, well let's just say, it bit him in the Mr. Ed.

Lloyd said...

I must first point out that I am not a Carl Edwards fan nor do I despise Kyle Busch. The bump that Carl put on Kyle was only one of many that occurred all night long. The only reason Kyle got to the lead in the first place was because Juan Pablo Montoya refused to go a lap down and Kyle was able to use him as a pick to get around Edwards. I personally think that Edwards should have gave JPM the boot and Edwards would have probably led every lap until the end when Kyle would have done the bump and run. This is typical Bristol and rightly so. This is what 160,000 fans come to see!

Anonymous said...

Swanny said...

Kyle needs to learn to control his emotions a bit better.

Joonyer didn't lead over 400 laps at Richmond either, o that's right Richmond doesn;t have but 400 lap's but still Joonyer didn't lead but what 10-12 lap's. He didn't do enough at Richmond to bitch and moan.

Anonymous said...

David Poole is a fat slob. Kyle Busch is a punk. Clint Bowyer is a moron.

Anonymous said...

Charlie said

Dale Sr may have bumped a few out of his way once or twice (please not the sarcasm here) but when Mayfield "rattled his cage" at Poconos, the DE took his bump and moved forward.

Bullchit Charlie, Ol' Dale didn't know how to do the bump and run hell he just wrecked the hell out of um and it was alway;s just racin to him and he wrecked more than a couple also. And also when his ass got wrecked it wasn't just racin then he wanted there asses suspended. Go back and look at the Pocono race on the cool down lap hell he couldn't wait to catch up to Mayfield and when he did what did he do he gave Jeremy the finger real class right Charlie, lmfao

Anonymous said...

David Poole is a fat slob. Kyle Busch is a punk. Clint Bowyer is a moron.

And Dale Junner, and Micheal Waltrip are GAY. lmao

Anonymous said...

If Kyle Busch was gracious and respectful when he wins, I think a lot of people would feel differently about what happened at Bristol. But the truth is he acts like a creep with his "in your face" attitude. It was refreshing to see Carl Edwards take the lead and take the win away from Kyle. And I am no Edwards fan, either.

Anonymous said...

jo said "Vile Kyle"

I see, you condemn Busch for his "Mr. Ed" remark then in the same "breath" use childish invective yourself.

Anonymous said...

Beerslush says:

This is a funny one. Made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous @ 2:51pm said:

"The boy [Kyle Busch] has talent but until he makes a complete makeover with his driving and attitude he will never be very popular."

Beerslush responds:

Question, there genius: You think Kyle Busch gives a chit about being "popular"?


Newsflash: KB isn't changing a thing in order to be "popular".

Get used to it. Racing isn't about winning a popularity contest.

It's about winning races.

If you want popularity contests, I suggest you tune into the new season on American Idol.

If I'd hazard a guess, I'd say the boy's priorities are winning races and going for the championship.

You know, like racing ought to be.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Busch has talent and squinty eyes.
Carl Edwards has talent and big teeth.

Regardless of which driver you like, a bump and run is tradition at Bristol.

Kyle, please stop whining and simply enjoy your 8 wins. Carl, thanks for not using your regular "ah man, shucks, I didn't mean to do that".

Kyle simply needs to expect what he gives. Carl needs to keep up with being honest in post race interviews (his first time being honest was Bristol).

Let's go racing boys, and keep on winning (not whinning!).

Mike Hutton said...

To the people who obviously need yet another reminder:

The gentleman who owns the team that fields cars for Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Casey Mears spells his last name H-E-N-D-R-I-C-K. There is no "S" on the end of it. Just because Jimmy Spencer can't say it, doesn't mean you can't spell it correctly.

Thank you and good evening.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kyle Busch whips every blasted butt in the NASCAR field and then flips all of them the bird.

He has just as much right to be a nutcase as anyone, as long as he wins.

There are undoubtedly a lot of drivers who wish they had Busch's skill, bravado and resillience, not to mention his record.

I'd rather watch Kyle win any day rather than 100% Pure as the Driven Snow Mister Ed.

Go #18 !!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. His girlfriend doesn't seem to mind how he looks ..........

Anonymous said...

I am curious to see what Nascar does...or doesn't do.
At Loudon when Kyle kept bashing the side of Montoya's car under caution, Montoya got tired of it and turned on him, (like Kyle and Carl Sat. night) Montoya was penalized and called to the Nascar Hauler. When Johnny Benson was spun out by Kyle at Martinsville JB said that it doesn't seem right that Kyle can keep doing that if you come back it is 'retaliation'.
If Nascar does it then open season on Kyle...? There are many drivers in all 3 Nascar series who will be dancing and clicking their heels with glee.

Anonymous said...

The person who said that Kyle's Girlfriend doesn't mind his looks. Well, I got news for you. All those millions he's got will make him look good to quite a few girls! Take away his money and see where them women are at!

Anonymous said...

Lost on all of this is the fact that Kyle Busch led 415 straight laps... and as usual this year with the new car, nobody was able to pass the leader. This race went from being another snoozer to a 'Bristol Classic' because of Edwards bump and Kyles retaliation. The bottom line is though is that the 99 team figured out that the only way to pass the leader (be it the 18 or whoever) would be to execute the bump and run. Luckily, it just so happened to be Kyle Busch which makes Edwards actions enormously popular. Imagine though if it was Dale Jr leading 415 laps and Edwards, Busch or anyone else bumped him? NASCAR needs to figure out how to get this new car to be able to pass, or at least allow the teams the latitude to do so.

I do agree though that in racing, you reap what you sow. Kyle Busch has indeed done the bump and run more than once this year, and in every series. He should consider himself lucky that he wasnt wrecked, and realize that, come Chase time, it only takes one hacked off driver to destroy his chances at a championship.

I'm glad this thing isnt over, it looks to be a 2 car battle for the cup; I dont see anyone else able to step up to the plate and give anything to the 18 or 99.

Dr. Mike Kogan said...

I think Carl was just biding his time most of the race - finally shoing some real patience and maturity. While he did 'move' Kyle he didn't wreck him - that was a caress. Kyle had every oportunity to get back by him in the next turn and couldn't hold it, and then didn't have the car at all to keep up or catch up. On that last run Carl definitely had the faster car - Kyle's team either tuned the car out or had a bad set of rubber. I love the rivalry and have no favorite here. It was exciting and everything you could ask for. Now Kyle knows how RustyW felt when Gordon made a career out of gently moving him aside, lol.

Brooks (Ohio) said...

My 2 cents:

1. If someone has a problem with Carl's move on Busch then they don't understand racing. Like David said, that same move happens 100 times a race and it is simply part of it. If you don't like it then you might want to try watching Dancing with the Stars instead of racing.

2. I listen to NASCAR Radio on Sirius a lot and I finally heard someone Monday explain why people don't like Kyle. "He is a prick." It is exactly that and that is why fans have a double standard for him. Now some people may like that he is rough around the edges but others don't and that is just what makes him so polarizing. Even though people may not like him they still want him in the sport. "Good Guys" are only as good as their enemies. Kyle makes everyone cheer a little harder for their drivers and that is a good thing for NASCAR.

3. I want to give props to the media Saturday night while interviewing Busch. While answering questions he was so rude to them with his tone and facial expression. Me being a person of brutal honesty might have asked him if he had anything stuck someplace unplesant.

Robbie Mac said...

"Rowdy" would have dumped Carl if he could have gotten to him. But he couldn't and that's that. Until NA$CAR starts sending drivers to the back of the pack as happens at most short tracks when someone gets dumped it will continue. Honestly I don't mind the bump and run if it's clean. Dumping someone is completely different.

Kurt the forgotten Busch could certainly help cleanse Shrub. Remember the old Kurt?

There is a long line of drivers waiting for their chance to return favors to the Shrub and won't it be something when it happens during the blessed chase?

It would have been cute if cousin Carl dropped JD or Kyle on their butts post race as would likely happen at a local short track.

Reap them oats rich boy....

Monkeesfan said...

"...they jam 160,000 in there because there is a reasonable expectation that something memorable and controversial is going to happen." All that illustrates is a lot of people go to races for the wrong reasons. If people go to Bristol expecting to see good competition, by now they should be disabused of the notion that that dump can actually produce good racing.

Amid all the controversy about "bump and run" cheapshots on the racetrack, we need to question the wisdom of keeping three tracks (Richmond, Bristol, and Martinsville) on the tour that do not have good racing, produce only cheapshots and a lot of crashes, and which the sport outgrew decades ago.

Anonymous said...

RE: modman75

kyle desserves no repsect - I was actually starting to warm up to him - but the way he acts in postrace interviews is extremely unprofessional - watch any race he is in - if drivers do not move out of his way in a lap or two - he moves them - and they remember. yes - he is talented - but there are HUNDREDS of talented kids (most any USAC Midget Racer) that could replece him - and smile quite a bit more...but will never get the opportunity; he has never shown (that ive seen) that he is greatful for what he has....he seems to think that he was "entitiled" to be where he is

Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised at the comments made to Carl by JD Gibbs, I am not sure if they were taken out of context or if they were not received in the manner the comment was made. In either case as a Christian I do not judge less I be judged in the same manner and would not call out someone for actions that either I or someone within my team has be guilty of as well.

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with bumping during the race, it's racing. My problem is Kyle Busch thinking if he does it to someone else it's 'hard racing', but if someone does it to him they are just 'sore losers'.
Does anyone remember the 2006 Busch Race at MIS. On the final restart Dale Jr got a better restart than the leader (Carl Edwards), moved him out of the way and went on to win the race. During the cool down lap, Carl came off pit road and body slammed Dale's car. Subsequently Carl got a $10,000 fine and probation for the rest of the year. Seems fitting that Kyle should get the same since the offense is the same.

Anonymous said...

The Precedent has been set by nascar and kyle b has got to be punished, strictly for what he did ON THE TRACK AFTER THE RACE. He should be sitting at California.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Carl response does not deserve even a call to the hauler but when Montoya did the same (spin KB) he was penalized two laps.

Lloyd said...

I just consider what Carl did the Bristol version of the famous Daytona bump draft....he bumped him and drafted right on by..

Monkeesfan said...

Lloyd, there is a difference between Bristol and Daytona - at Daytona a car pushes another car past traffic, gets off the leader's bumper, then passes him. That's a clean pass preceded by contact that is not gratuitous but instead of competitive benefit to both parties involved.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of comments here, and I'm sure it's been said, but here goes:

Shrub has no cause to whine. If he had the best car, Edwards would not have caught him, pass him, or pull away from him. Period.

Secondly, does the Shrub remember what he did to Johnny Benson some weeks back in the truck series, or what he did to Dale Jr. at Richmond last year?

Maybe he was upset his own techniques were used on him!

Anonymous said...

Fair's fair. There is a double standard for the media, so why can't there be one for fans? Many media members never own up to the errors they make - and no one in the media ever, ever points out errors by others no matter how egregious. For instance, still have not seen any correction and apology by Lee Spencer for erroneously reporting HOF had been caught cheating right before the start of the Chicago race. But, so what - as the estimable Lenox Rawlings has written, NASCAR fans are "ignorant and gullible."

Anonymous said...

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