Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fans want to know and Tony Stewart wants it to stop

LOUDON, N.H. – Tony Stewart was back at work Friday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, telling the media how to do our job. You’d think he’s an expert or something.

Stewart actually is an ad hoc member of the racing media, since he hosts a weekly radio show on Sirius. But the driver of the No. 20 Toyota would probably rather be called any other name than you can think of than “media.”

Last weekend he chastised a television reporter during a live interview. This, of course, made him eligible for sainthood in some fans’ eyes.

Friday, he told another gathering of media that he’s tired of being asked about where he’ll drive next year. He said it’s like having kids in the backseat on a long car trip constantly asking “are we there yet” When he gets there, Stewart said, he’ll let us know.

Sorry, bud, but that ain’t how this works.

Stewart apparently holds the perception that reporters should work with him – or even for him. That’s not the deal, unless of course you’re Matt Yocum.

Reporters work for their respective outlets, but our primary purpose is to represent the fans. We’re here to find out the answers to questions the fans are asking. I do four hours of live radio on Sirius each weekday, so believe me when I tell you that fans want to know what Stewart is going to be doing next season.

The fact that fans do want to know is the reason Stewart has the opportunity to do whatever it is he’ll be doing next year. Stewart is one of the best drivers who has ever been in any kind of car, and a lot of fans care about where he’s going to race. That fact gives Stewart the very bargaining power he’s using – as he absolutely should – to cut what he thinks is the best deal for him and his future.

That and the fact that Stewart’s decision is the critical domino in up to a half-dozen drivers’ decisions about their futures, makes the weekly questions to the two-time champion entirely appropriate and relevant.

Not all reporting, of course, is going to break new ground.

“STEWART NEGOTIATING WITH SPONSORS!” one online report screamed this week. Well, duh. If he’s going to leave Joe Gibbs Racing to become a driver and at least partial owner with another team, such as Haas CNC Racing, Stewart is going to need sponsors. Even if Stewart decides to stay where he is for another 10 years, the process of considering his future is going to involve talks with potential sponsors.

Clearly, most signs point to Stewart leaving the Gibbs team even though he’s got a contract for 2009. Everybody keeps talking about that contract, but those things rarely seem to offer any real entanglement. That’s especially true when the team a driver wants to leave has options, and the Gibbs team certainly has those.

Here on Saturday, young phenom Joey Logano said all the right things about how it’s up to Joe Gibbs and J.D. Gibbs when Logano will move up to Cup.

Then, I asked Logano a question. (Oddly, Logano didn’t tell me it was none of my business. But he’s young. He’ll get the hang of it.) I asked Logano what he’d do if it was all up to him. Would he rather have a full season in the Nationwide Series, or would he just as soon move on up now?

“Let her rip,” Logano said.

Is Logano ready to drive the No. 20 Toyotas if Stewart leaves? There’s really only way to answer that question for sure, and we’ll see if that’s what winds up happening.

Meanwhile, we now know for sure that Greg Biffle is staying at Roush Fenway and that Clint Bowyer has a new deal with Richard Childress Racing.

We also know, for sure as of Friday, that Casey Mears is not coming back to the No. 5 Chevrolets at Hendrick Motorsports next year. Stewart, when he wasn’t teaching journalism class, did say Friday that opening might complicate his thought process since any driver would have to at least look at an opening at Hendrick. But team ownership seems to be such a big part of Stewart’s thoughts about leaving Gibbs, it’s hard to believe simply moving to another team as a driver really appeals to him.

Anyway, we think we know that it will be Mark Martin taking Mears’ spot. One person in the garage told me Friday that Martin had offers to run a full schedule in 2009 for as many as four different teams.

We know, also, that RCR has a fourth car to fill for next year. We know, too, that Ryan Newman is not locked down for 2009. But Newman’s name has been mentioned as a possible for teammate for Stewart at his new home. Does that put Mears in line for the open slot at RCR? Or is there another level to this, one that involves Martin Truex Jr. if he can get out of a contract option with Dale Earnhardt Inc?

We could guess. But we get paid to go around and try to find out for sure. If we don’t ask, we get accused to making things up. When we do, we’re accused of badgering.

That’s OK. I know some of the same guys who criticize me for living at the buffet and never leaving the media center’s air conditioning are safely ensconced in their $2 million motor home playing “Guitar Hero.” But when you sometimes know you’re not going to get many straight answers, you’ve got to keep trying.

The fact that it irritates Tony Stewart is just a bonus.


Anonymous said...

I understand the media has a job to do but this whole where is Tony going is getting out of hand. If there is something to report then report it but Tony hasn't given anything to report on. Alot of these media people are just reporting rumors that they get from their "sources". Report the FACTS. That is what the fans want, not all these rumors. It is getting really old. If Tony is saying there is no done deal then thats what I'm going to believe over these media people and their "sources" which of course they don't name.

Anonymous said...

Your arrogance is appalling. Contrary to your belief, you and the rest of the media does not run the world, or much of anything, except for your mouths. I've got more news for you. People do not turn on their televisions or read the newspapers to see fat slobs like you bloviating about how important you are. You are not. We are interested in what you are reporting about, which is again, not you, or shouldn't be you, but often times you find it important to report about yourself. How absurd that you believe Tony has to succumb to your whims. No wonder he punched one of you pieces of crap. Yes, it damn sure does work that way, that you have to work with him. You can't do your job if he refuses to answer your questions, or spends all his time hiding in his 2 million dollar motorcoach. Why shouldn't he? You, as a member of the media, do not have a specific birthright to talk to anybody, or be respected by anybody, or demand anybody's cooperation.

David said...

Jeez, people.

It's as much Tony Stewart's job to be asked questions as it is the media's job to ask them. If he doesn't want to answer them, he doesn't have to. I won't even begrudge him a little frustration at being asked the same question all over again. But that's what comes with the territory. Heat, kitchen, off the porch, etc.

The media are important. This is Mr. Poole's blog, and he has every right to say that. If you don't want to read his "bloviating" (props on that word, by the way), then get the hell out.

At the risk of opening up another can of worms, it's this whole hating the media attitude that has gotten this country into the mess it's in today. Can you imagine if Mr. Murrow and company had believed that they didn't "have a specific birthright to talk to anybody, or be respected by anybody, or demand anybody's cooperation"? The French were quite right when they termed the press the fourth estate, and as a vital part of society they deserve extra rights, which they exercise on your behalf.

I realize that this is just a sport and that I'm rambling, but the attitude in these prior comments is appalling.

Anonymous said...

It's times like this that you look to Mike Bagley's obsession with Rhianna for the right words...

Shut up and drive Tony...

If you don't want to talk about it, you shouldn't have opened your mouth in April.

Anonymous said...

The Tony Stewart groupies will step up and trash the media too. Thank you Dave for not being intimidated by TS. Even though he is part of the media too, he treats the other media people without respect. Rbrtu sense Tony trashed DW, Waltrip has made a point to cater to Stewart so it does not happen again. Please do not wimp out like DW and hold your ground with TS.

Anonymous said...

Awww...did the big ole meanie media guy say something bad about poor wittle Tony? Poor thang! Bless his heart!

But really now, Tony knows exactly what he is doing. He has been in this business enough to know how to keep the attention going on him. He plays the media, even his personal Media Renfro. I think he would prefer to have Yokum being the only media person to ever ask him questions, as it gives him even more control. But he knows if he spouts off, he can then make the world think that the media is picking on him again.

Truthfully, if Tony did not have the media bugging him, he would need to pack it up and go home, as it means that he was a has-been.

Anonymous said...

sometimes, when i see the way matt looks at tony....i wonder....

Anonymous said...

But at least now David will get his wife's AARP discount at the buffet :)

Anonymous said...

You're certainly entitled to your
own opinion on this, but why you
feel a need to come to the defense
of a reporter who clearly was
trying to create the news rather
than report it troubles me. Marty
Snyder last week dredging for evil
comments from Tony towards one of
his friends who caused a wreck is
not seeking the story on behalf of
fans, Tony answered the first time
that he hadn't seen video of the
wreck. Anything past that was
trolling for an explosive comment,
something the media seems to love
to get from Tony, so they can tell
all the Stewart haters for a few
weeks how childish he was.

His answer to Marty was, in the
words of Larry Mac, "right spot on"
in my opinion. Feel free to report
the news, but reporters aren't
given free rein to create it.

Gravypan said...

With all due respect, David, I don't have a problem with how he handled Marty Snider last week. Marty asked a question about the wreck, Tony answered with 'it wouldn't be fair to comment since I haven't seen a replay.'

So what does Marty do?

Well, what any brainiac reporter would do.


Honestly, it's Tony Stewart you're asking. How the hell do you expect him to react?

It amazes me how fast you guys in the media close ranks when one of "your" guys gets "attacked".

Anonymous said...

Here's the real question that should be asked. Will Dale Jr. get the same kind of treatment that Stewart gets for his actions on Friday?

For those of you that don't know what he did. He told Marty Smith that his plans for his team was none of the media's damn business. If they went cup racing, he'd let us know.

Now he's acting like his daddy. If he would only start wrecking people, he'd be on his way.

Anonymous said...

David, wise up! Do you think with Tony having his own radio show he is going to give it to the "competition" first? If you think that you aren't as wise as you think you are. Tony will make the announcement, when he knows what to announce, on his own show! The rest of you media guys will get leftovers.

Not to mention, Tony is doing exactly what the late-great Dale Earnhardt did with the media. Those of you in the media are just too blind to see it. Thank goodness Tony can think and speak for himself and not be a puppet like many of the drivers no in the "premier" series.

Keep it up Tony and congrats on your win yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. The media does represent the public, (the fans). They have a right to ask any question they like, dumb or not.
The individual questioned, in this case a race car driver, has the right to answer anyway he see's fit. He can be a jackass or a gentleman. It's the driver's reputation a stake, so be it.

Me? I like Tony but he can be a jerk sometimes. But hey, so can I. We are all human, I think.

One thing though, if I was in the media, I would ask him every chance I had, "Where are you driving next season, Tony?", just to see hear the answer.

Stewart could diffuse the situation some, if he knew how.
Show some kindness, boy would that make some news!

Anonymous said...

David, who died and left you the sanctioning body of what drivers should and shouldn't do? You sound like a spoiled rotten brat with your blog rant.. Boo...Hoo...Hoo.. . .Tony knows something you don't know and he WON'T tell you. Well, maybe Tony DOESN'T know, yet! When he is ready to announce it, if there is something to announce, he will coordinate it with Gibbs, and announce it. It's called a press conference, so get over yourself if you think Tony is going to give news that big to a single reporter.

Marty acted like a "cub" reporter. Marty knows better.
Tony did exactly what he should have done. Had he not, he might have been called to the big bad trailer.

As for Matt, he isn't as good as he or his networkS think he is. He only got his jobs because of who his mother is. It certainly isn't due to his talent.

Man, this sport has resulted in the media thinking they are as important as the drivers. If it weren't for the drivers, David, you wouldn't have a radio show or be acting like a two year old in writing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annon,

Nicely said! I couldn't have worded it better myself!
Loved the "I know something you don't know. . ."

Frankly, there is just TOO much media in this sport for my taste.

David, "GROW UP!" Between Marty's question and this blog, I give Marty the award for being the more professional reporter.

Anonymous said...

Hey David: Obviously you have nothing better to do than irritate Tony Stewart - wow! I would think all you have going on you would have something more intelligent to do than asking stupid questions TWICE like Marty Snyder. Oh well, I guess that is what nascar writers are getting paid for these days - acting like children, but would I know.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR...The good old days are gone! I miss Rockingham and TOM HIGGINS!

Anonymous said...

I think it's not so much the questions sometimes but the repetitive nature.

Of course someone has to bash Junior on this (can anything NASCAR NOT be about Junior??? LOL) but he was asked the same question twice after he had answered it (or said he wasn't going to answer it) once. The guy gets annoyed and that's just human nature. He also has to learn not to drop comments like he did a couple of weeks ago about going Cup racing with his team. He started it so he's kinda stuck with the topic.

I can't see how Tony is being any different than he always has been...he's his usual prickly self.

No one is "wrong" here. The media has its job to do and the drivers have to do media sessions. When the annoyance level gets wratched up, then things get interesting. Maybe a few "new" questions by the press would be nice but it's usually the same stuff over and over. I can see where that'd get tiresome on both sides.

Anonymous said...

When Stewart said that opening might complicate his thought process since any driver would have to at least look at an opening at Hendrick, he meant the driver or drivers he would be looking at to fill out his team at Haas, not for himself. It would be pretty difficult to entice a top 10 driver to come join a startup program when Hendrick was dangling a spot.

Seriously, y'all need to report the news, not create it.

Anonymous said...

The media just needs to save their breath and wait till Tony holds an offical press conference on his future. He isn't going to just tell some reporter one of these weekends where he is going so why bother even asking the question? It isn't going to get you anywhere. Go write about stuff that has facts not just a bunch of what ifs. That is not what the fans want. We want to know where Tony is going but I also think we all know that he isn't going to tell a reporter on a random race weekend what he is going to do.

Anonymous said...


From the majority of comments here, you seem to be the only one that wants to know. Slow news week?

Anonymous said...

Of course us fans want to know where Stewart is going next year. But how can we or YOU expect him to tell us until the deal is completely done? Why ask him week after week?

Most people would be ticked off too if reporters badgered them constantly about something they just can't talk about. If Stewart talks about part of his future plans, it could jeopardize his whole deal.

I don't think the fans are as anxious about this as the reporters are. Please leave them all alone. They will tell us when they can.

As a previous poster said, why aren't you all over Jr. about his refusal to discuss the future of JR Motorsports?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave, I honestly don't know what's more entertaining- your distaste for tony, or his distaste for the media! Your all(the whole Nascar circus) riding the ultimate thrill ride of life, and you ALL complain about it, and life in general, ALL THE TIME! Maybe YOU should spend more time covering kids soccer tournaments or saturdaynight bullring racing so maybe you'll garner a little more respect for who lucky you truly are. I don't expect you fawn about it continually, but the whining- by all the parties concerned is starting to get a little tiresome................

Anonymous said...

Raise your chins too high again Mr. Poole? Why not get off your arse and do some real reporting and support the same instead of mollycoddling reporters who ask the same stupid questions. Has the 4th estate allowed you to become so lazy you can no longer think for yourself or do you see the need to attack a driver simply because he sees your peers as idiots. Why not apply to the Chris Economacki school of interviewing and dig deep to soliciate and answer that the driver may actually open up and reveal what you wanted without being so obvious. I can see that your just another lazy jounralist that feels he or she has a right to have all your stupid questions answered. Ou guys make Robin Miller look like a genious!

Anonymous said...

I write articles, put my spin on how I see things, but only when there is something to talk about. Rather than waste a good column on some fluff about a driver being cranky and not wanting to answer the same question over and over, why not write something relevant or perhaps give your take on what you see as an option for that story. This isnt the first column of yours where you berate Stewart. But given the way you act, no wonder Stewart has his chosen media types he will talk to. You are certainly going to make it hard for those of us who want to be in your position.


Anonymous said...

David you seem to be out there a little bit on this one re Marty Snyder. I think most reasonable people would agree Marty got what he deserved in that instance because is was a non-starter. Ever asked you Mom the same question twice when the first answer was "no?" I didn't but when I was stupid enough to do so the second answer was the same -- and then some. And the question wasn't inquisitive in nature, it was clearly designed to provoke. So is that what yall's job now is to provoke instead of probe and report? Too much of America's "media" is attack and kill and now that tactic has drawn in main stream outlets and publications, because--just like in the Cup garage area--if someone else is doing it then I must do likewise.

If Marty asked that second question again himself he got what he deserved, but somewhere in the back of my mind is saying he had help spinning out. was his producer in his ear demanding that he ask again? I don't know the answer but producers I think these days are behind a lot of this. Ever watched local news anywhere in this country? Is there any lead story but rapes, fires, murders, and mayhem? Sweet stories don't sell; mayhem does. Maybe Marty was provoked into being a provocateur.

I have said this once before Tony Stewart and the news media use each other every single day. And it's sorta like a race driver doing the "bump and run" on the track for the win. It depends on who is doing the bump as to how each feels about the other. And as far as Tony Stewart and the members of the press are concerned and the games they play, at the end of the day I don't know who thinks they got the best of whom when it's all said and done.

Anonymous said...

In this day of 24 hour news stations, and the net, News reporters no longer report the news, they manufacture it.

Unknown said...

OK, to review:
1. I was not actually talking primarily about last week's incident with Marty. That's part of it, but what I talk about in the lead of the blog (see where it says Friday?) was him telling us to stop asking him the same question.
2. Melissa says fans want facts. Funny, but I get dozens of e-mails every day from people who want me to tell them stuff I know or have heard that I haven't printed. Anybody who thinks reporters get paid to wait until deals are done and news conferences are held to write anything understands less about how to do the job than Tony does.
3. Tony telling me how to be a reporter would be like me telling Tony what line he could take around the race track or how far he should drive into the corner. There aren't but a couple of reporters who're dumb enough to do that.
4. As to all the accusations that we are trying to "create" news, how so? Tony Stewart decided to explore team ownership for his next contract. He has been looking into that. People surrounding his team and others with knowledge of the process say they believe that he's heading in that direction, with Haas CNC as his likely destination. We know for a fact that at least one other driver, Greg Biffle, delayed his decision waiting on Tony to make his. All of these things have been reported because we've done the work to report them. That's our job. We're doing exactly that -- our job.

Anonymous said...

Man, it is a slow news week. David actually responded. Must be they are not serving lunch yet in the media center. . . or he was first in line.

David, you lose on this one. Leave Tony and every other driver alone! I agree with the Chris Economacki comment. You and your current league of reporters could learn a great deal by watching old TNT, CBS, etc. footage. Better yet, let Ned Jarrett and Bob Jenkins teach you how to report, as it is clear you have lost the touch! That is, if you had it to begin with!

While you are at it, post some of those emails you mentioned. They would make more interest reading then you beating up on Tony, again!

Anonymous said...

Man David has spent too much time politickin for NMPA and doing TV sopts and radio shows and not enough time reading Tom Higgins' old stories. Far as I am concerned David just recycle Tom's old stories, put in today's players and names and you will be golden. Cause, believe me, I do have enough sense to know how to read and man yo sho do have a bit to goes befo you come up to the same level the Observer had with Higgins...I wish you the best arguing with dumb people like me. That's about as low as you can go. Wezze readers don't have no sense, you see.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that it irritates Tony Stewart is just a bonus." thumbs up - I applaud your comments and think that if Tony wanted it to stop he shouldn't have brought it up back in April - if the media wasn't trying to get him to answer questions he'd wonder where everybody was.PS- love your blog - and your morning drive

Brian said...

You all need to calm down. James especially. Both Tony and David are doing their jobs their own way and I think it's great. Marty Snyder is, in fact, a bottom feeder but I guess we're stuck w/ him. And more power to Tony for the chop. David Poole is a great reporter and I enjoy reading his articles, even when I don't agree. More power to him for not peeing down his leg like Matt Yokum when he speaks to or about Tony Stewart. And you people stop crying when someone slams your guy. What a bunch of weenies.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that all the ones on here who disagree with Poole are Stewart fans? I don't like Stewart at all but I'm on his side on this.

Anonymous said...

Lets all not by a bunch of hypocrites here. All of you proclaim a disdain for the media, yet you continue to utilize the media to give you your news on NASCAR. You read,, racing magazines, watch ESPN, TNT, Fox and even your local newspapers. Most of us… those not in the media… rely on the media to get us our facts. How would any of you have known, for example, that Dale Jr was leaving DEI last year if not for the media? How would you have known he was going to drive for HMS in the 88 car? You wouldn’t have, if not for the media. All of a sudden, you would be watching the Daytona 500 (via the media) and you would have seen him driving his new car and would have been left wondering what happened? Rick Hendrick or Dale Jr didn’t call you directly to tell you about it did they? No, members of the media told you – they did their JOBS.

There are two types of reporters… those that wait for the story to develop, and those that go and get the story from the source. The difference is huge. Notice I did not say ‘make up’ the news, I said go and find what is really news; they also need to separate fact from fiction. In this day and age, that’s tougher than ever. Rumors fly quickly, and 95% of it is untrue yet it’s the job of the media to figure out what’s true and what’s just rumors and speculation. Those that wait for the story are generally left holding the bag, reporting what others managed to find out. Those that wait usually end up ‘covering soccer tournaments and bullriding’.

Do they go to far? Yes. But can any of you look in the mirror and honestly say that you haven’t made an error? That maybe you didn’t try too hard at work to impress the boss for a raise or promotion? Well, maybe not, because there are those workers that will just do ‘bare minimum’ at work and get angry with people that go the extra mile to be successful.

Did Marty Snyder go too far to manufacture a story that may or may not be there? Probably. Was his timing bad? Definitely. But he is a good pit reporter, and in my mind, I can look the other way on this one. Did Tony Stewart go too far in how he answered Marty? Nope. I agree with those who wonder how he was supposed to answer him.

As far as Tony Stewart, and other drivers for that matter, part of their job is to answer questions for the media which will be delivered to those who ultimately pay the bills, the fans. Part of their job as professionals is to act like professionals, especially when dealing with the media. But it’s also not unreasonable to ask the members of the media to be professional when doing their jobs. It’s a tit for tat relationship, when one side isn’t professional; it isn’t a surprise when the other side isn’t.

For those of you who claim they only want ‘facts’, well then stop spending all of the time speculating. Further, based on the number of blogs and call ins to Sirius radio, you are in the majority. It seems as though people just eat up Silly Season rumors every year, and this is no different.

Finally, and again, please knock off the personal insults of David Poole. You completely negate your arguments when you start off talking about trips to the buffet. Perhaps there should be a rule out here that if you’re going to throw personal insults, you should post a pic so we can judge you.

Anonymous said...

Dont be a bunch of a-holes, this is major news. Just because Tony doesnt want to talk about it you all jump to his defense. Well there is enough that has been let out of the bag that every nascar reporter has a duty to get as much on this as they can. NH is right, they need to separate fact from fiction. If you want to wait for the official press release to find out, thats fine, but odds are those of us who read Pooles columns every day will have found out long before you.

Maybe Poole can stand to lose a few pounds but you all can stand to get some class.

Bruce E Simmons said...

Stewart acts like a Diva.

He snaps when things go wrong.
He's all that and then some when things go right. "Here kitty kitty". (If you remember that little taunt.)

Forget acting like a diva, just acting like he's bi-polar.

The media is doing the job that the public asks for and Stewart is in the public eye, whad'ya expect?

And calling people names does not, a point make.

Brenda said...

A well-written blog. Yes, we want you to ask the questions that we would ask if we had access to Tony. Tony and Junior are both asking for the media to back off. this is racing and they are public figures. You aren't asking personal questions. If you want us to pay to see you run and buy your souvenirs, then realize you have an obligation to the public.

Brenda said...

A well-written blog. Yes, we want you to ask the questions that we would ask if we had access to Tony. Tony and Junior are both asking for the media to back off. this is racing and they are public figures. You aren't asking personal questions. If you want us to pay to see you run and buy your souvenirs, then realize you have an obligation to the public.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows that whether you were the white hat or the black hat, if people are talking about you, cheering or booing, they're talking and that means they're employers are happy!! so now everyone thats not signed up already can subscribe to Sirius and see what one will say about the other next!! David and Tony are together laughing at you all the way to the buffett table!! and with an invite, i'd join them.

Anonymous said...

Let me start out by saying that I'm a huge Tony Stewart fan. I also enjoy reading David's articles and listening to him on the radio. One of the things I like about Tony is he's not always politically correct and he speaks his mind, a trait that I also like about David. Just because a someone in the media does not always say or write favorable things about your driver does not make them the enemy. As a fan of Tony I have accepted the fact that sometimes he makes himself a target by saying what's on his mind at the time. Just like fans of the late Dale Earnhardt, you have to support your driver even though you know he's rubbed someone the wrong way and he's probably in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

I despise whinny ass Tony Stewart. He's just a damn baby that is happy to honor a question if Tony's world is in order. I f he does not want the questions asked then get a real damn job and forget the prevost motor coach, private jet and the helicopter.

Anonymous said...

First of all i have been a stewart fan for about 5 years and poole you should know how Tony is he has not changed. And as far as marty goes he should have never kept digging to try and get more info.
Tony is a 11 time national champ and he had said time and time again that he will tell you when he has something to tell you. So nstop being a jerk and just live with it.

Anonymous said...

And as for the comment that if Tony does not what to answer question he needs to get a real job and forget the money and all. Do you now where Tony came from he did work real jobs and did not come from a rich family and he worked fro everything he got in racing. He did not come to nascar for the the money or the popurlity
he come to race with the best of the best and he should cause he is one of the best himself. so if you are going to knock Tony then first you need to know were he come from and how he got were he is.
I got one thing left to say way to go tony and never change and always tell the media how it is and all these tony stewart hater how it is.

Anonymous said...

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