Monday, November 26, 2007

If you can make it there

I am supposed to be in New York City for NASCAR Nextel Cup Champions Week by about 8 p.m.

I say supposed to be because there were big delays at LaGuardia airport because of low ceilings this morning, as well as some delays in Charlotte, too. Maybe some of that will be worked out by the time I am supposed to leave at 5:45 p.m., but we'll see.

Every year when this week comes, I try to make sure my patience chip is pushed all the way in as I head toward New York. I try to arrive late afternoon so I can go into the city when most people are coming out, but there's only so much room on the Manhattan island.

I never really expected to be in the hotel much before 10 p.m. anyway, and I just hope it's not too much later than that.

There are many things about New York that I do enjoy. It's a fun place to be this time of the year, once you actually get where you're going. I dread the trip in and the trip out, though, probably a whole lot more than I should. I reckon that's the small-town guy in me reminding me how out of place I am in a place so big.

I'll try to do at least a blog or two each day this week about the stuff that goes on during the week leading up to Friday's banquet at the Waldorf-Astoria. Who knows, there might actually be some news coming out of what goes on between now and then.


Anonymous said...

Dave, Next time take the train into New York. Much more relaxing. No security lines to stand in. You can get up and walk around any time you want. Take a nap, work on your lap top or listen to music. When you factor in the time to and from the airport, security check, lay overs, it is probably almost the same amount of time. Thank you for a great year of articles. I know I can always count on you to cut through all the BS .

Anonymous said...

Good luck David - I dont envy you! When I travel, I do ANYTHNG - including spend more money - to avoid a connection in New York/New Jersey. Of course thats not possible when you actually have to fly there! Which brings on the next question... Why does NASCAR hold the banquet in New York, when the support is minimal... both from the fan base and the local government stepping up to help find a place for a track? (NOt that I think they should build a track there, but I understand why they would want to...).

Uncle Dewey 88 said...

Dave, I am glad it is you going to NY. I have never been there, I don't want to go there. That NASCAR finds it a good place to hold the banquet, only reinforces to me that it is the money. NASCAR is in the big apple because all the corporate suits are there. Deals like the NEXTEL (soon to be SPRINT) come from being there.

NASCAR has lost it's soul. I will not be watching as the boys get their big checks and give endless thanks in sponsorspeak.

I will be watching for something important to come from your comments.

Monkeesfan said...

Dave, can you refuse to go to the banquet? It is the biggest waste of time in the sanctioning body and I wouldn't go even if I were the champion of the sport.

Anonymous said...

Dave could refuse to go to the banquet - BUT - no self respecting chubby guy (PRESENT COMPANY VERY MUCH INCLUDED!) - would turn down a meal!