Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time for Tony Stewart to do his job

Tony Stewart lost the Subway 500 Saturday night at Phoenix International Raceway.

Stewart finished second to Jeff Gordon, so he didn’t win. He has not yet won this year. He’s been wrecked. He’s had fuel pumps go bad. He’s caught bad breaks with caution flags. In other words, he lost, he lost, he lost.

This is racing’s cruel reality.

Winning, even for the very best, is only a sometimes thing. Stewart has lost 263 times in the Nextel Cup Series, but his winning percentage of 9.93 percent puts him 24th best on the all-time list in the sport and third among active drivers.

Learning to lose begins at the basic level of any sport. If you’re 6 and playing T-ball, as soon as somebody starts to keep score you start learning how to lose. Nobody likes losing – no champion has ever developed that capacity. But every athlete is responsible for how he acts after a setback, and as good as Stewart is at being a race car driver he’s that bad at handling disappointment.

I know some fans want to make Stewart a hero for stomping away after the Phoenix race without talking to the media. There’s nothing gallant or heroic about it, and it seems an entire payroll of people apparently have it as part of their job description to make excuses for Stewart’s unwillingness to do that part of his job.

Monday, ESPN sent reporter Shannon Spake to try to find out why Stewart didn’t talk and how Stewart felt about finishing second at Phoenix in a close battle with Gordon. J.D. Gibbs, the president of Joe Gibbs Racing, wound up answering her questions. Here’s what that means. The president of Joe Gibbs Racing had time to deal with the media to explain away why his driver didn’t. How does that make any sense?

Stewart was so frustrated after crashing out at Texas a week earlier that he talked about how he felt like retiring. He spent the next week explaining he wasn’t serious, and some believe he didn’t speak after Phoenix for fear of saying something else he’d have to take back. But the media didn’t “goad” Stewart into anything. They asked questions and Stewart answered. On both sides of that, people were doing their jobs.

It stinks to lose. I get that.

But when Mark Martin lost the Daytona 500, under frustrating circumstances, Martin did his job. When Jeff Burton lost to Kyle Busch at Bristol, barely, Burton did his job. When Gordon lost to Jimmie Johnson at Martinsville, Gordon did his job. And in each of those cases the media did its job.

The next time Stewart wins, will reporters refuse to talk to Stewart to “pay back” the two-time champion for his snub Phoenix? Of course not. We’ll ask questions and report what Stewart says to the fans who are the people who’ve allowed Stewart to become a very wealthy man as he’s been able to live out the racing dreams he had from the first time he climbed into a go-kart back home in Indiana.

In other words, we’ll do what we’re supposed to do. That’s all anybody is asking Stewart to do. When he finishes in the top three in a Nextel Cup race, he’s supposed to talk afterward, just like everybody else who finishes in the top three is expected to do.

Do the job. Handle responsibility. Act like a grown-up. Surely the best driver in NASCAR can handle that.


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Anonymous said...

Tony needed to get to McDonalds before they closed.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Tony for not doing the post race interview! It saved many racing fans from having to hear the reporters ask the same old tired questions that they ask every second and third place finisher after each race.

Stewart did his job, he drove the #20 Home Depot Impala SS to a second place finish. The drivers are hired to drive race cars and that is all they should be required to do.

NASCAR should not require drivers to talk to the media. It is a silly rule that is only designed to make the reporter's job easier.

Anonymous said...

I am a big TS fan..and you are correct..he should have made the interviews..and I feel sad saying it..And the reason I feel sad is the sport has gone haywire..to the point where the interview of the driver (or in this case lack of) has gotten to mean more then what the driver did on track... I think TS leaving gave the reporters more insight into his feelings on the race and the results.. then if he had stayed and mumbled the same old standard answers while gleefully smiling..Have we come to this..just smile..give us the standard answers..and we will write the same lame columns week after week? NA$CAR used to be real..exciting..and off the cuff...now it's scripted..and the drivers are expected to be Ken dolls reciting one of five prerecorded answers when someone pulls his string..Yes..you are correct..TS should have stayed for the interview..I sorely missed hearing which of the five standard NA$CAR ISSUED AND APPROVED prerecorded answers he would have chosen this week. Why show real emotion..he should have "manned up" and done what he was supposed to..after all..that is his job...

Anonymous said...

David when you make your opinions, dont forget that there are a lot of people that have none of their own and take your thoughts as gospel. And I know you have a newspaper to report for and blog to write and 3-4 hours every weekeday to fill, but you guys go over every little detail as though it is MAJOR NEWS over and over again. I blame Nascar in this case for giving the fans and the media too much access to the driver. And I've seen the pictures where theres 30 guys with microphones stuck in a sweaty emotional drivers face THE MINUTE they climb from the car. You must all be filled with hope and glee that Smoke will say something you can then discuss and write about all week long. (Like last week). I respect the fact that Tony is human and not a Nascar robot programmed to say official words and he probably just didnt feel like dealing with the BS this week.
BTW you've always seemed fair and honest yourself but I turned you off this morning and I've felt blue all day. :o( Bonnie/CT

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If Tony wants the advantages of his job he has to accept the drawbacks too. There's no job on earth that is all fun and no bad spots.

JD Gibbs shouldn't have spoken for Tony. He should have dragged Tony out by the ear and told him that he would talk until there were no more questions.

Or, if Tony wasn't in the building just then JD should have named a time and place for a press conference where Tony would appear to, first, appologize to the press and the fans for his disrepect and, second, answer every question every reporter could come up with even if it went all day and into the next.

Somebody needs to slap Tony upside the head and tell him that he WILL either start acting like a responsible adult or he WILL learn to live without the paycheck and perks of being one of Nascar's top stars.

Anonymous said...

Ah, don't be so rough on Tony, David. If I had just gotten SPANKED like that I wouldn't want to talk either.

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I wish the best reporter of NASCAR had written this article, or at least one who can say something without whining as bad as Tony.

Mad in Mooresville

Anonymous said...

I agree with you David. I live in Indiana and have always tried to support the Indiana drivers. Tony's immaturity makes it difficult for me to root for him. At some time, he needs to grow up and be more responsible. If he likes the attention of climbing fences when he wins, he also needs to accept the attention when he does not win. If it was not for the great job the Nascar media does in presenting this great sport, Tony would not paid a large sum of money to drive a car. He should be very thankful to the media and better represent Nascar. (Can you imagine if Tony played for the NY Yankees? The NY media would not be so kind to him.)

Anonymous said...

No one, including Tony, should ever be REQUIRED to talk to the media. It should be up to the individual whether they do or do not want to grant the media an interview. Too bad the press in this day and age think that they are entitled to interviews.

Anonymous said...

HE IS HUMAN!! If he rants he gets criticized, if he doesn’t he gets criticized. GEEZE. I like Tony because he is who he is. Gordon is often calculated (hello the Flag was spontaneous?) others say the normal things "We'll get them next week" but they are upset inside and choose not to say it. That is why I like Tony, he does what he does.
By the way, if you are pissed off with your editor, you may choose to cool off before you talk to him about it if you think your response would not be effective, how is that different. Did I mention Tony was Human! Bill in CT.

Anonymous said...

The media reminds me of a brat, they kick and scream when they don't get what they want. I am sure it really makes them mad when a driver doesn't come and do as they demand. So they do what is done here, they take to their bulley pulpit.

The only thin owed to anyone by a driver is to the sponsor and fans. I am sure the TS fans were not wondering WTF monday morning about why he did not answer questions.

geoffrey miller said...

This isn't the media whining about what they didn't get. It's about the fact that Tony Stewart is the only driver in the NASCAR garage area who feels he's above everything that got him there. It's simple -- you race in NASCAR's race, you go to NASCAR's media room. Is this major news? No, but it wouldn't be news at all if Tony could have just done what he's done for the rest of his career after finishing in the top -- drop by the media room.

Just because Tony is "human" doesn't give him the right to continually pull the garbage he pulls. This wasn't a mistake in not going to the media center, it was a "calculated" move for Tony to avoid a standard practice. Give Tony one more spot, and he's in that room, beaming and just lapping up the attention.

If anybody here knew how a NASCAR race works with the media, you'd realize that a media question and answer session is the single best friend of a driver. It's a limited amount of time, and the driver does not have to make himself available at any other time.

I truly question anyone who absorbs any type of media, journalism, or reporting that finds this as a non-issue.

Imagine how fun all of the racing websites you read would be if there were no driver input. Is that what we want? We don't want any commentary?

Give me a freakin' break, folks. Tony should have a been in that media room and the next time he does something charitable and wants the media to come to his ego-boosting press conference, they should just remind him what it feels like to be jacked over when it comes to those type of things.

Anonymous said...

He is not the best driver in Nascar!

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely amazing how far some people will go to get ticked off. The fact that people have gotten their panties in a wad over the fact that Stewart did not talk to the media after the race is hysterical. There are a lot more interesting and news-worthy stories than the fact that Stewart did not talk to the media.

Anonymous said...

Well said David. If you get a chance, visit my Tony Stewart Anger Management Tour Page. You will get a kick out of it, if Tony doesn't kick you first.


Anonymous said...

Alot of people feel the need to make excuses for TS. We all have parts of our job we don't like...but we still have to do them. Grow up Tony!

Anonymous said...

awww David I'm so sorry you didn't get that one juicy quote from Tony that you could have used to bash the guy for the next few weeks. Better luck next time. And oh yea by the way Tony did speak to one reporter after the race. Maybe you should have just tried a little harder. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you David for standing up to Tony. Other media members and Nascar seem afraid to stand up to him and hold him accountable for his actions. If he blames the media again for all of his troubles, so be it. I am tired of Tony treating the media bad. Keep up the great work!

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Anonymous said...

Funny ,...David Poole was not there .... hum and where does it say that TS has to speak to the media ... bet it's not in his contract.... his job is to drive ... which he did.

Anonymous said...

So what if Tony did not talk to the media after the race. All we missed was "the Home Depot Impala SS was strong all night", "Zippy and the team gave me a great car", "we faught hard but came up a little short at the end", "it was a good points day"...yada yada yada.

I think it is great that Tony skipped the interview and let the emphasis be on Gordon's historic victory and Gordon's tribute to the #3.

P.S. Can we talk about something that is actually newsworthy instead of harping on the fact that Tony did not give an interview?

Anonymous said...

David you look just like I thought you would.I listen to you on the radio every day and enjoy it . But when I heard you read your blog today about T.S. it was crazy. The man had raced 500 miles and had been robbed by nascar of a win. Iam no Smoke fan so Iam not looking through rose colored glasses and saying my driver was robbed.
His job is Gibbs racing Home Depot and other sponsors oh and also Tony Stewart not Nascar the media or the fans. I was listning to S.T. live tonight and he said "talking to the media was not in his contract."
One more thing NASCAR is becoming the same as the WWE. Is it racing or acting? And Iam no new fan been watching and listning on the radio 32 yrs.

Bruce E Simmons said...

Some athletes are contractually obligated to be available for the media after certain events occur, such as being in the top 3 or 5 finishers, etc. It's usually enforced by the sports sanctioning body. This I know.

It pays the bills for ALL involved.

Tony is having a good year, but to his competitive nature, a frustrating year. He keeps getting wins yanked out from under him. He had to put his dog down a little while ago. (Putting your best friend down has a funny affect on people)

I AM NOT a Tony fan. I respect his ability. I don't respect how he vents or how his team representative has to speak up for him.

In time, he'll get what he needs, and settle down into the momentum that he expects of himself. If it weren't for his overwhelming will to win, we'd all be whining about how he is only points driving!!

Until then, I wish he would do his job, for all the bucks he makes from it.

Anonymous said...

Tony likes to whine and complain about everything. Please Tony, no more excuses and no more acting like a child. It is time for him to meet the obligations of his job. He is paid a good sum of money. If he does not like the other parts of his requirements, maybe he should retire. Thank you Jeff Gordon for not being intimidated by Tony and driving him like he drives you. Gordon and Montoya are two drivers he can't shove around on the track and expect nothing in return.

TSChamp said...

For every time that Tony doesn't talk to the media, he talks to 3 times as much. Tony gets thrown to the sharks if he says something, and he get thrown to the sharks if he keeps his mouth shut. If I was Tony, I would never talk to the media because they have done more harm than good for his personal image. If I was Home Depot, I would encourage Tony to not talk to the media because he did his talking on the track. Every likes to bash Tony about his comments and attitude in general, but Tony being Tony is the most entertaining thing about NASCAR now. In other words David, this is a none story. Tony isn't the only driver that hasn't talk to the media. He won't be the last one to do this either. I suggest you get off your high horse and come down to find the real story from last week. The so-called "fans" throwing trash when Jeff Gordan was saluting Dale Earnhardt. Now, that was the story you should have wrote about and not Tony being Tony. By the way, I am a Tony Stewart fan and respect him enough not to question his decision about not talking to the media. He knows himself well enough that sometimes is best to keep your mouth shut.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

As a NASCAR fan, Tony doesn't owe me a %*^& thing!! If you remember, back in 2001 he got into major trouble for NOT walking away. Now we want to crucify him FOR walking away! You can't have it both ways folks. Tony is Tony and just because you can hold your temper doesn't mean that everyone has that ability. And I am sure that when he attended that Anger Management class that everyone insisted he go to back in 2001 they told him that if he feels like he is too angry to talk to the press that he should just walk away. Just last week he spoke to the press right after getting out of the car and said some things that NASCAR journalists are STILL harping on. Yes, interviews are a part of the job but I would much rather Tony just walk away than to say something else that you guys are going to beat and beat like a dead horse for the next week, month or year!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to write about someone not doing their job, find out why NASCAR is "reviewing" JPM's obscene gesture and not issuing a 25 point and 25K fine. JR. wasn't out of the post-race interviews good before he was fined. Smoke not talking to the media is a non-story and NASCAR said they will "talk" to him. I guess he does not have enough fans in the new "target market" to justify "reviewing" his actions.

Anonymous said...

Why does TS owe you or anyone but Mr. Gibbs a reason for not talking to the so-called "media". I've been a fan of racing since 1956 and I follow the race and not any driver. Since this is quote a "family sport" never mind the beer fights and other disgusting behavior why stir the pot and get fined for using words I hear on TV everyday. Takes a bigger man to pass an opportunity to trash some one or something than to walk away from it.Maybe it's time to make all races pay per view and then see who the real race fans are. AS for his job it's driving a race car to win not making your job easy. Joe Gibbs hired him to race not make speeches about how the race went or why this or that happened the way it did. So if you don't like him fine just say that instead of beating around the bush. Guess the old adage paybacks a bitch is true, he may just avoid answering your qestions next time there is an interview after a race.

mike-nj said...

The real story should be about David Poole grandstanding and not doing his job. Poole a columnist/journalist/reporter should actually concentrate on doing his job the way he is supposed to do it. Tony has provided more material for Poole by being true to his personality and not being a disingenuous robotic boring commercial interview. Put the Twinkies and Ho Ho’s away, get off you lazy boy chair and do some real reporting. Stop being an old, spoiled, out of shape cry baby.

Sometimes silence speaks volumes…investigate the story within the silence, you may find something.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the folks commenting about this being a non=issue. I think David should be more concerned about the things being thrown on the track at winners rather than losing a story because Tony didn't talk to the media. So what, if he talks they write all week about it and if he doesn't, it becomes a week long issue too. True nascar fans don't throw bottes and cans at drivers - work on that story and leave Tony alone.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Tony's excuses on the radio last night. Does he think everyone is stupid? If Tony wants the respect of most of the fans and media, he needs to quit acting like a baby!

Anonymous said...

It is a privilege for Tony to talk to the media and fans. He owes nothing to the fans and media. His only responsibility is to drive the number 20 car. If he gives you the opportunity to talk with him, consider yourself lucky. People should not expect anything more out of him. Without Tony, NASCAR would not survive.

Anonymous said...

I believe in his "retirement" remarks recently, TS said something about doing it when he got enough money saved up. How does that play with Joe Racefan? You could take a very small fraction of what TS has made in his career, and that will be FAR more than most of us will have upon retirement. I think this guy has spent his life so wrapped up in racing that he has no concept of decency and reality.

Anonymous said...

I think it's terrible that something like this makes such a stir that it's still being ranted about. GET OVER IT! Tony's driving speaks for itself - enough said!
If he had said the wrong thing, that would have been the subject of David's blog and show for this entire week instead of the fact that he left.
I AM a BIG Tony fan, and I don't make excuses for him - there is no reason to make excuses. The media needs to get over it and find another driver to pick on for a while. I'm sure Jimmy Johnson wouldn't mind...

kendra said...
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Anonymous said...

Racefan, Tony Stewart has no one to blame for his image but Tony Stewart. Next time you wonder why people don't like him, check him out after he wrecks someone and listen to his total lack of contrition. If you want NASCAR fans to like you, show a little repentance after you wreck someone.

He's ticked off Gordon's, Kenseth's, Edwards's, and Bowyer's fans that way. That's a fairly large contingent of NASCAR fans. That's why he gets booed, not because the media picks on him.

TSChamp said...

"Racefan, Tony Stewart has no one to blame for his image but Tony Stewart. Next time you wonder why people don't like him, check him out after he wrecks someone and listen to his total lack of contrition. If you want NASCAR fans to like you, show a little repentance after you wreck someone.

He's ticked off Gordon's, Kenseth's, Edwards's, and Bowyer's fans that way. That's a fairly large contingent of NASCAR fans. That's why he gets booed, not because the media picks on him."

That was true a few years ago, but it also true every driver has done this in the past. Gordon, Kenseth, Edwards, Bowyer, Dale Jr, and 37 other drivers. How is this new? Here is the difference, Tony gets talked about for a week and, with expection of JR, no one else does. Does Tony open his mouth and insert his foot sometimes? Yes. Does this make Tony a whiner, cry baby, or a punk? NO. Those in glass houses shouldn't thrown stones. Everyone complains or acted like an ass sometimes. Part of being human. That is way I am a fan of Tony. He is fearless on the track or when speaking his mind. He isn't a NASCAR robot that gives those standard answers. He has passion for what he does and it shows. He has gotten smarter over the years. He knows when to keep his mouth shut. Some in the media should do the same.

As for comments that Tony made on his radio shows, fans have been saying the same thing for last few years. Difference is that some hate Tony and don't like anything that he says or does. I do like it how those fans go nuts when Tony wins and climbs the fence to share his win with the fans. Tony is many things, but he loves race fans. That is something that no one can disagree with.

The media has gone on a feeding frenzy because Tony didn't say a thing. He doesn't have to say anything. NO DRIVER has to give interviews. They can say "no comment" in the Winner's Circle if they want and that would be fine. They do their talking on the track and not in front of microphone. The media loves Tony because he polarizing to point where he is almost at the level of Earnhardt Sr. Tony has made a passing comments and gotten burned by them for years after they said. They are replayed over and over again. If Jr, Gordan, Bowyer, Edwards, or any other driver said some of these things, they wouldn't be rake over the coals for it. It would make them more exciting and "entertaining". Tony has done his job. He drove his car to the best finish possible. That is all that is required of him. The rest is icing on the cake for the fans.

Anonymous said...

1) Properly spelled words make better points.

2) Professional athletes have different standards than arm couch coaches.

3) The media wouldn't be reporting if folk like everyone here and about didn't read it.

4) How is a writer, who, well, writes about what he has observed, grandstanding??? David Poole has done his job, exactly as he needed to. Proof is in the pudding: 40 responses, and counting.

5) Stewart whines but he's one heck of a wheel man.

6) A driver does need to talk to the media. The media feeds it to the fans. The fans get emotional, and support the products. The product makers have money to spend. They spend it on NASCAR, in the sponsors cases. No media, no momentum, no money, inlcuding TV rights monies. That's the simplified basis of the whole potatoe.

The Descrier

Anonymous said...

Poole is one of these guys that as long as you agree with him, or answer questions, or never get mad at the media, or never say anything against the God that is Nascar....all is well....but when a driver is human...gets pissed, dont want to talk, walks away...etc...that driver should be banished.
Fact is, it is NOT required (as poole likes to say) for a driver to attend the media BS session. Before everyone jumps on the "how wrong I am wagon" let me explain. If a driver misses introductions, he is sent to the back of the field, if a driver misses drivers meeting, he is sent to the back of the field. There is no penalty for missing media hr.....therefore, it isnt required but rather requested. Poole is pissed that Tony didnt show up and say something that would give him and Marty something to fill mornings with on Sirius. go figure....Tony gave them something to talk about anyway.

Anonymous said...

David....if every driver did everything you thought they should.....would you still have a job?

Anonymous said...

Way to stand up to Tony! You wrote about a topic with Tony that other NASCAR writers would not do. They are afraid that Tony will became angry with them and take personal shots at them. I am sure his fans will be upset with you, but you did something that needed to be done. I believe that most fans are too smart to buy into Tony's logic and excuses. The media, NASCAR and the fans have made Tony a very rich man. It is sad to see somebody that is so unappreciative to the people that made it possible for him to drive a Nextel Cup car.

Anonymous said...

so unappreciative to the people .....what a moronic comment. Tony Stewart has spent enough on childrens charities alone to out weigh anything he does or doesnt do for the media. He was hired to drive a car, not to babysit a bunch of opinion givers like poole. If it wasnt for drivers like Tony, Kevin, and Bush, what would poole do for a living? Even Marty couldnt find a spot for him.

Anonymous said...

As a longtime fan of Joe Gibbs, I must confess my disappointment in continuing to allow Tony Stewart to remain in the Gibbs stable. He does nothing but paint the entire organization in a bad light because of his child-like tantrums. Take away his ride and force him into retirement.

Anonymous said...

For those that think drivers have no obligation to speak to the media, you are correct.

But if the drivers don't want to talk, then there is no real reason to cover the races. If the drivers don't have a connection with the people who shell out hard earned money for overpriced caps and t-shirts, then they are out of a job.

A driver's only job being to actually drive a race car, well that ended a long time ago. Now, the actual driving of a car is less than 50 percent of their "job" because their job is to be a pitch man for the sponsors. That requires making yourself available to the media.

Without endless hours of TV coverage every week and without hundreds of photos in print, let's see how long the sponsors continue to pour millions into the sport.

Without sponsors, there is no racing. Without racing, these guys don't have jobs. You can't buy too many boats, private planes and houses on Lake Norman working at the Jiffy Lube I suspect.

If any driver was too upset to do an interview but still showed up and simply said, "Guys, I know you're just trying to do your job, but I honestly don't have anything to say." Any good reporter would say, "OK. Fair enough."

TSChamp said...

I notice the person who wrote this column has yet to make or reply to anyone here. David Poole is DISRESPECTING the fans! FIRE HIM! HOW DARE HE! HE IS JUST A CRYBABY!

How stupid does that look? David Poole doesn't need to reply to anyone here about his column about someone not replying to the press and fans. Which is funny upon itself.

Anonymous said...

Way to go David. I think you got the message out that fans are no longer going to accept Tony's behavior. Even the Tony Stewart fans are finally taking notice that his behavior is not acceptable to the fans, media and NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez so what tony chose to be a baby again, is this nothing new? Is this something hot off the press? Or is this the same old tempermental Tony? Is this something new to the Nascar world? NOOOOOOOOOO so why the hell are we making such a big deal about it?

Anonymous said...

All I know is that if Tony had to deal with the constant media blitz that Dale Jr. seems to deal with on a daily basis with an amazing amount of patience, (though you do see those Earnhardt blue eyes flash at times!) then he'd have something to complain about.

He has the best of everything, and yet he STILL complains and whines. Man up Tony! Geez! He ought to drive at DEI for a while and see what life's like over there. I do like Tony but he should think about retiring. This obviously isn't much fun for him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Why would the author have to respond to our postings? He wrote a perspective, he moved on to the next article. We keep it alive by posting OUR comments and conversational points.

Any self respecting writer won't get into it with the posters on a blog. You post, you go. He's obviously done a good enough job to generate the posts this article has generated.

And it's true, sometimes the best athletes are whiners, no matter what. Eh, it's like a noisy wheel, you just filter it out and get on with the day.

Anonymous said...

I'll guarandamntee you that if Dale Sr was still with us the "State of Nascar" would not be in the wreckage that it is, Face it we are watching a bad train wreck but are afraid to admit it! Since when do drivers have to address the media in this dog and pony show...Does anyone remember the Holly hills 400 in North Wilkesboro in I think '89...Earnhardt and Rudd duking it out till the last lap when Rudd spun Dale out...and Geoff Bodine Won...Now THAT was some post race fireworks! #5

April said...

I like Tony's spunk!! That's what makes NASCAR so exciting to me, you never know what's gonna happen! Big deal, so what, Tony didn't talk after the race. You obviously still found something to write about. So quit yer bitchin'.

Anonymous said...

Tony did his job.

David did his job.

Descrier mispelled the word "included", in the same post where he opens with bullet #1 espousing the effectiveness of proper spelling in delivering points-of-view...I must conclude, that DESCRIER DID NOT DO HIS JOB.

I believe that settles several issues at hand...move on...

Anonymous said...

I am a big Tony Stewart fan and have followed him since his USAC days in Indiana. I can't understand and defend his actions. I wish he would treat people better and show more respect to the people that promote NASCAR. I like hearing other people's opinion, but you have to be smart and respectful in the way you present it. Tony, please learn from your mistakes. I apologize Tony, but I have to agree with David Poole on this issue.
Now lets put all of this behind us and go plate racing!

Anonymous said...

There is not ONE driver driving a race car that has NEVER made a mistake.

I think Tony did the right thing in NOT going before the media after that "debris Caution" fiasco. He would have been so emotional and he knows as well as anyone else that the media is nothing but soundbites and they use what suits them and make it look the way they want it to look.

David Poole has NEVER liked Tony and has always hammered on him ever chance he gets.

As far as you people claiming Tony "Owes" it to anybody, PLEASE, when you watch a race, you get the right to WATCH CARS AND DRIVERS RACE!

So you don't like that he is emotional, too bad, we are all human and we are all emotional at some point.

So some of the media are whining about not getting their little soundbites, geez listen to an interview from any one of about 135 races and you will hear the same thing!

AS far as what he said about na$car and the apparent debris caution fever that has run rampant in the last few years, it seems like since little bryan took over, it is fast becoming wwe on wheels. The difference is when I watch Wrestlemania, there is no question from anybody that it is performance and the outcome is scripted.

Na$car has spent untold money on claiming the competition is great and all this crap. They have spent untold millions developing this FUGLY racecar and doing everything they can to repel longtime fans. They appear to be doing EXACTLY what Smoke has said they are doing.

As far as Smoke needing to grow up, he didn't hit anybody or blow up at anybody or flip off anybody. He shose not to make comments until he had a cooling off period.
To me it sounds like he is growing up and the media and the people who don't like him ANYWAY are just looking to find fault!

I got 3 words for the bunch of you..


You aren't owed ANYTHING, you GET PAID to watch races, ENJOY LIFE!

If Dale Earnhardt Sr. (Hell even Jr) had done the SAME THING, the bunch of you would be talking about how cool it was.

Anonymous said...

SICK, let me just say in defense of Poole that I have read many articles of his praising Stewart even when he felt he didn't deserve it. I even thought Tony was his favorite driver.

I don't know who Poole's favorite driver is, that's what makes him a good reporter.

Anonymous said...

The two-time champion was called to a 6 a.m. meeting with NASCAR president Mike Helton, competition director Robin Pemberton and series director John Darby when the garage opened Friday at Talladega Superspeedway.

The Joe Gibbs team WAS NOT ALLOWED to unload the car until the meeting had concluded, and later, Tony apologized for his recent rash of remarks and, penalties from NASCAR are forthcoming.

Let's move on folks.

btw: Eye apaulohgyze four myspelyng mye wurds erlee-er. LOL.
You need to focus more on the subject. If that's the best statement you can make about this issue!!

Anonymous said...

Now that Tony admitted today that he was 100% wrong and the media was right on this one, it is a closed issue. Live and learn Tony.

Anonymous said...

I hated to see him come out and apologize after the meeting with Helton and Pemberton (if there's anyone in motorsports begging harder to be made fun of than that pompous windbag Helton, I've yet to see him. Maybe the France Prince of Daytona).

I've never been a huge Stewart fan, but he's one of the few personalities in NASCAR who can actually be interesting - unlike so many of the PR-spewing twerps so common these days. May he thrive.

Anonymous said...

DESCRIER...you are the one who posted the spelling rule. Anonymous was right, you lost credibility when you then mispelled a word, even if you try playing it off by joking and putting the onus on Anonymous for GETTING your point and using it to discredit you.

The point, if you read his post, is that Dave The Reporter did his job, Tony The Driver did his job...You are ineffective according to your own rules. Easy to criticize, huh? Hard to take criticism...If you have no further advice for the rest of us moronic, non-spelling Nascar fans, can we all move on?

Go, Dave! Go, Tony! Go Descrier!

Anonymous said...

Nascar did the same thing to TS as they did to Ernie Irvan back when he was with Yates. "You need us more than we need you." Nascar needs a good dose of reality meaning they are not GOD! They punished Stewart for Exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech. They censored him and I don't care what you or anyone else says. Tony is right that it appears that Nascar is throwing too many debris cautions and yes it may be hard for them as a driver to see where the debris might be located on the track, however with todays advancedment in camera technology and the fact the Nascars integrity is the issue why doesn't Nascar simply have a camera zoom in on the so called debris and verify that it is a danger. The advances in magnification technology would give them the ability to make them a credible body again.

Anonymous said...

Tony said he was 100% wrong. End of story. Move on!

TSChamp said...

David Poole is disrepecting the fans! He hasn't posted an new article for us to comment on he just being quiet. HOW DARE HE! We need to know his thoughts about everything! blah blah blah

Personally, I think David Poole needs to talk to NASCAR about having Tony being quiet more often because he can't blog nothing right now. It is causing him to have writers block.

Anonymous said...


What changes in response to Stewart's NASCAR rant?

Not much Stewart is hardly the first to fault NASCAR's use of yellow flag

What makes Stewart so special?

Time for Tony Stewart to do his job


What changes in opinions to David Poole's Tony Stewart rant? Not much

Everyone has always "wondered" if some cautions are really real or not, Tony just finally cleared the air and called NASCAR on it. It sure made the TV commentators look for the debris didn't it? KUDOS TONY, someone had to bring it to NASCAR's attention that we are all wondering sometimes. I bet they are more careful now with their debris cautions "someone" might catch them giving someone a break. (not saying Tony has benefited from a few of em)

Stewart is hardly the first to fault NASCAR's use of yellow flag

If its so damning what he said.... why do you write about it? I suppose you needed some more dollars in your pocket.... go ahead write a Tony story, he will fill your pockets (he could care less about money anyways, give em trophys and hes happy). The media LOVES him cause it ALWAYS gives them a story huh? Especially when there is not much to talk about.... "well lets find some juice on Smoke... he's an easy target..." It's ok. We can see right through the abc's you type.

What makes Kyle Busch so special?

It's not ok for Tony to decline a post-race interview.... PLEASE tell me how in the heck its ok for Kyle Busch to LEAVE THE FRICKING RACE TRACK after he races and just throw someone else in it to finish the race???? Where was Kyle Busch's post-race interview??? WHAT MAKES HIM SO SPECIAL???? I am sure Kyle was biting his tongue after that race too, he declined or should I say, FLEW THE CHICKENCOOP???

Time for David Poole to do his job

2 Time NASCAR champion, IRL Champion, 4 USAC Championships plus 1st to win Triple Crown, 5 Karting Championships, a WoO Owner Championship, 4 USAC Owner Championships, 1st to complete Double Duty and did it twice, breaking his own record. NEED I GO ON??? I think he is doing his job.... and doing well I might add. I don't know where your getting your info, but looks like ol Smoke is doing just fine and I LOVE IT when he gets the media (YOU) fired up. I'm a diehard racefan, old-fashioned, gimmie dirt anyday than pavement politics. I hope Smoke goes back to his roots someday soon.... oh but... who would the media talk about????? I'm sure they will follow him and find something to write about.

Shari in Iowa

Anonymous said...

To Sheri in Iowa,

Stewart does care about money. He's bought a few tracks, he's building a house with an indoor pool and a bowling alley, to name a few extras.

The shrub, Kyle Busch did not need to stay for the media interviews. He was not in the top 5, or top finishing rookie, as the rules have been stated to us.

And Dvid Poole doesn't get paid per article, he gets a salary, and fulfills his obligations where he can.

Later folks,

Anonymous said...

I respect David Poole for calling out Tony Stewart. I get tired of hearing Tony whine and cry all of the time. I have no patience for spoiled brats that complain all of the time. Even Tony admitted he was wrong and David Poole and the rest of media were correct on this issue! Tony has very poor communication skills. I am sure the Tony Stewart fans will believe anything he says, but the rest of us have a difficult time respecting his opinions. If he ever learns to better express himself, I may pay attention to his comments and concerns. Keep up the excellent work David!

Anonymous said...

Hey, things happen for a reason. Tony just landed a new sponsor for next year: Depends. He's working on the Simalac sponsorship for his Busch ride.
Punt him again, Newman!