Saturday, December 06, 2008

'Live' a lie during NASCAR awards broadcast

So there you are, NASCAR fan, sitting in your home waiting until just after midnight to see the big surprise ending of the 2008 Sprint Cup awards ceremony from New York City.

Gosh, you're thinking, this thing sure is running late. After all, you've heard all the stories after the great champion's parties that have happened after these banquets in previous years. If they're just getting to the champion's speech as Friday turns to Saturday, when does the actual party begin?

You smile, though, as NASCAR chairman Brian France introduces the man who'll present Jimmie Johnson with his ring for winning the Cup championship for a third straight year.

It's Cale Yarborough, the only other driver in the sport's history to win three straight titles. What a nice touch, you think. And even though you're not in the magnificent Waldorf-Astoria's grand ballroom with all the rest of the sublimely dressed swells – hey, did you notice? Tom Cruise is here! – you're seeing this as it takes place.

You know this because right up there in the right-hand corner of your television screen is the word "LIVE" in big white letters across a bright red background. It has been there all night long on the ESPN Classic broadcast, and surely the World Wide Leader wouldn't just be outright lying to you.

But hey, wait a minute.

Although the name of this thing is officially the Sprint Cup awards "ceremony," you know that for years the shorthand name for this black-tie affair has been the "banquet." Don't people eat at a banquet? Were Tom Cruise and the rest of the gang sneaking bites of their dinner and dessert during the commercial breaks? When did the waiters come get the salad plates and serve the main course? You didn't see any of that.

What's the deal?

Then, you remember hearing Jeff Burton say something about how he got fired up hearing Richard Petty talk "before we got started." But you saw Richard Petty, along with actor Kevin Costner and Betty Jane France, the widow of former NASCAR president Bill France Jr., do a long historical segment that was nice but seemed to have no point. What's this about "before we got started?"

Slowly you begin to figure it out.

You ARE being lied to. Blatantly. Repeatedly. Without compunction.

ESPN Classic is telling you – basically SCREAMING at you – that what you're watching is LIVE. As far as you know, LIVE means this is happening right now as you are watching it.

But that's not what it means to ESPN Classic.

In the real world, Yarborough surprised Johnson about an hour earlier than he did on your television. In the real world, by the time you watched Johnson give his speech at the end of the evening the after-party was under way in the grand ballroom.

Does it matter that ESPN Classic lied all night about being LIVE? I can't answer that. You have to decide that.

You have to decide if the fact that they're so willing to lie so blatantly means they don't think you're smart enough to figure them out.

You also have to decide if knowing that they lied to you makes you wonder what else the ESPN family of networks might be lying about when they cover NASCAR or any other sport.


Karah-leigh said...

David, I usually agree with you but as a senior mass media major... I guess I understand the "live" part more. "Live" can also mean that it was recorded live with no editing and played somewhat later.

On the other hand, the awards were hideous. You can tell it was shot live because the director seemed to not know what the hell he was doing.

And "Terminator?" They should have had Tom Cruise speak instead of Costner.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Who gives a flying fuck?

David Poole said...

Karah-leigh, There is no definition of the word LIVE in terms of television that means you're not seeing something as it actually happens. But in this case, they edited out dinner. So how could there have been no editing?

stevea709 said...

Who cares if its "LIVE" or not, I sure as hell dont. And yes it did suck when Costner said "Terminator" instead of "INTIMIDATOR" but shit happens when its "LIVE"....if you dont like the way they do it then dont watch it.

Anonymous said...

I can live with the fact that the Awards Banquet wasn't "live" in the sense you seem to think it should've been - big deal.

However, I'm a little perturbed that Carl Edwards left before Jimmie Johnson was honored. The Carl and his entourage couldn't stick around long enough to see the 2008 Champion crowned? Disrespectful and classless.

Anonymous said...

I think ESPN and Time Warner Cable both stink! I do not have digital cable so me and my 7 year old son, a Jimmie Johnson fan could not watch the broadcast no matter what it was. I hope all these guys and gals that run all this stuff suffer like the rest of will in 2009! Soon to be laid off automobile engieer who resides here in Charlotte, NC

Snafam said...

Carl did not leave, he was backstage getting photographed and interviewed. All of the drivers went back there after receiving their trophies. He was back there longer, because he was the 2nd place driver, and was interviewed longer. His entourage, as you called it, was still sitting there.

And I agree with David. It did not take me long to discover I could hear the TRUE Live program on MRN/Sirius. ESPN edited out more than the eating part, or else the band equipment sure was set up fast, and taken down fast!

Costner was a joke. He was very obvious that he did not care enough about what he was doing to actually read the material first, or too actually play a part. His whole speech was a mess of mistakes.

However, for the first time in years, I think the folks at the banquet were actually laughing at the comedian! Pinette was much better in his 2nd segment than he was in his first segment.

And please get rid of the overly syrupy female voice that does the introductions. Egad! Awful!

red said...

i seem to be in the minority here but i, for one, DO care that espn labelled their broadcast as "live" all night when it wasn't.

karah-leigh, i'm not sure i understand your comment: for me, "live" means live, happening as we watch. anything else is some version of tape-delay or timeshift. to call last night "live" for the entire broadcast even as radio listeners were actually hearing the event in real time is dishonest behavior by espn. if that's acceptable to you as a senior mass media major, i'm unsettled for the future of your profession.

i don't care if the banquet was being shown live or not. what makes me angry is being lied to by espn, having them claim that they were showing a live event when they weren't. it's dishonest and unethical and all they had to do was not put the word "live" on the screen. that would have been the honest and ethical decision: too bad espn chose another course when it was so unnecessary.

to those who say "who cares?", for me it's part of a pattern of behavior by espn, a pattern of arrogance and playing with the truth. that's why i care: i don't accept being lied to by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is ESPN LIED and lied repeatedly. So how can you trust them when it comes to anything else in this sport?

tom in dayton said...

It's sad to continualy be deceived by ESPN. If a broadcast is labeled "live" then by rights it SHOULD be live. I don't care if an event is tape-delayed, edited and broadcast at a different time, but don't say it's live if it's not!
Credibility in anything is crucial. I know when I read Poole's writings that he has credibility, even if I disagree sometimes with his opinions. There are other sports writers whom I have found equally credible.
Sadly, I have found a couple of writers who, over time, are not credible and I ignore their writings. Broadcasters and networks have the same issues with credibility and, sadly, ESPN has dimished its credibility with what occured on Friday night.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Please feel free to link directly to my site when you use my content.

Thanks, JD

Richard in N.C. said...

David- As a journalist, what does the handling of the banquet broadcast say about ESPN's credibility - and honesty?

Maybe like your compatriot up the road, Lenox Rawlings, ESPN feels NASCAR fans are too "ignorant" to read - but "gullible" enough to accept whatever they're told??

David's chin said...

Does David Poole ever write anything worthwhile? I think not. And the guy hates every nascar driver not named dale or earnhardt or jr.

robman1967 said...

david also likes a guy named richmond..david you are spot on with everything you say...nascar just think we are "we the sheepeolpe"

Anonymous said...

Who cares if it was live, memorex, or whatever? It as all this Nascar crap anyway. Most of us have better things to do than look at red necks in tuxes posing beside their box cars. Geez, anyone without a mullet could give a sh!t

David Poole said...

This is a reply to John Daly, the editor of the Daly Planet blog who above accused me of using his content.
John, you can kiss me right square on the backside. I wrote last night -- along about the time your readers were telling you the banquet was being tape delayed -- that this was going on.
I've been to this thing 11 times. I know it starts at 7 and ends around 10:45 or 11. I knew that the history piece was before dinner yet it started the broadcast, which would have come after dinner. I told my wife during the entire final 2 hours after she came home that ESPN Classic was lying about it being live.
I read through the comments in your live blog this morning, but you're not the only one capable of being outraged that ESPN lied to its viewers. I've bitched about "live to tape" with racing coverage for years.
You should be very careful when you accuse somebody of stealing content. Just because two people draw the same conclusions that doesn't mean somebody has stolen something. That's a serious charge and it my case you're not going to get away with it without me challenging you on it.
You don't want to mess with me, John. I know why you think Bestwick is a god and why 90 percent of your blogs have something to do with ESPN giving him the job Jerry Punch now has. If you want to accuse me of stealing from you, then we'll start a long conversation about your obvious conflicts of interest and you won't like how that comes out.
David Poole

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself does NA$CAR give a rip what is on the screen as long as they get their $$$'s. How many time as stuff such as this happened and who gets the short end of the stick?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Katherine Downey (Carl Edwards' fiancee) was the REAL highlight last evening.


Greg said...

David I agree with you it shouldn't say live if it is not. But the fault is not all of ESPNs it is Nascars ( Brain Frances).I live in New York Upstate and it is as if Nascar is not even here. Marty Smith said it best "New York doesn't tap the brake for Nascar".
A guy called in to Postmans show today and said the Block party was a JOKE 3 people there when some guy started to play the guitar.
Nascar thinks that people care and they don't not in New York. If you look at all the pictures of Jimmy Johnson you can see that he sees that it is a joke. His smug look is just give me my money so he can buy a Vinyard as he said in SI.
I hope they injoy it the bubble is about to pop, people cant feed there kids and they won't go to races or buy the hats and coats. Nascar is a luxury not a life or death thing,people are losing homes and jobs and most of those people are blue collar people. They buy most of the tickets and the juke that has some guys name on it that could care less about the people that buy them.

Some people need to really read JJ interview in SI its all about the money and all him and his wife have "the loft in Manhatten".

You see the joke is on us, we have let them make a sport that was about real people getting up and getting out to a bunch of rich brats that have no real connection to the past.
That is why the Petty's may be gone next year as we know them.
Well Live or delayed its all DEAD.

Tired of The JUNK lets just race!!

Billy said...

David Poole,
I have disagreed with you on several items, but I was proud of you to stand up to the idiot speaking about you stealing material. While I do not agree with alot of your opinions, I do respect the fact that you are educated, and base your opinions on what you believe to be factual. Right or wrong, you state your opinion, and agree or disagree, I will defend your right to put it in print.
Now on to my opinion about the award was a joke. It made R.Petty (God forgive me for saying this, I do respect the King) look like a guy trying to tell a story just to kill some time....Costner was a joke....he wouldnt know Nascar if it was written out for him in a script....the comedian..while funnier that others...still sucked. I guess a redneck such as Foxworthy or Dunham was below the level of someone that could describe turnip gas as elegant as this moron.
And David, I know you defend Nascar, as I guess you should, but the bottom line is .....this is a business about money, and if the France family wasnt making money...they would dump this sport by the time this was posted.
Lastly, as much as I respect the drivers, the awards show should not be used as a podium to ask fans to contact thier politicians to support a Big 3 bailout. Sounded like another sponsor push to me.

ROBMAN1967 said...


James said...

The only thing ESPN does a job of is Sports Center, everything else seems to be done half ass and without a lot of care for quality.

Anonymous said...

As a 25-year employee of the TV industry, Karah-Leigh, I have to tell you, ther word "live" on the screen mean the event is takiong place as you see it.

Perhaps as a "senior mass media major," you ought to get your money back from the school, becausee what they're teachiong you isn't accurate if it is something other than that.

ESPN lied to the audience. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh, come on David, it wouldn't be the first time NASCAR lied to the race fans !!! Besides, who watched the guy with the tiara (the #48 Lowe's Chevy) give his speech anyway ???

As the worm turns, who really cares???

Barry in Tennessee said...

David Poole said:

You don't want to mess with me, John. I know why you think Bestwick is a god and why 90 percent of your blogs have something to do with ESPN giving him the job Jerry Punch now has. If you want to accuse me of stealing from you, then we'll start a long conversation about your obvious conflicts of interest and you won't like how that comes out.

That's real nice, David. A classic bully response. Throw some wild accusation out there and threaten to ruin him by exposing his skeletons if he messes with you.


By the way, when did you quit beating your wife?

Anonymous said...

I took the word live as a note to people that it was this years banquet as it was on ESPN Classic. Usually classic only shows "old" programs. If you really thought they were going to show it as it happened then you seriously need to wake up.

Art in TX said...

James WTF, you think Sportscenter is what ESPN does well? Give me a friggin break! Those people need a wake up call. They all think they are comedians, there not. They should be delivering the sports news not the "punch line".

The "Live" deal is nothing new they do it all the time, SPEED does it every week for qualifying and I imagine they do many other things "live" too. It is the new, not so new, low-lifes of the TV networks lying through their teeth trying to make themselves more important than they are. While I did not watch the "banquet" I did happen to catch Costners GAF "terminator" that was all I needed to hear, its on my DVR, but I am not sure I'll watch it. The more I hear about it the less I want to see it.

Dann from Ohio said...

The show was buried on ESPN Classic!! What else would be expected from a network that could care less about NASCAR no matter what they say. NASCAR will always be a second tiered league in the TV network's eyes.

Mike Hutton said...


If someone made false allegations against you in a public forum without proper foundation, wouldn't you be upset?

Jamie Little Shiftan said...

I hate to say it, but I've got to agree with Poole on this one. It wasn't live and having the graphic up there is disingenuous at best and an outright lie at worst. Not sure who the Worldwide Leader was trying to kid on that one or even why. And "live to tape" is in no way even close to live. As for John Daly and his nonsense, it's ludicrous to think that Poole needs a knucklehead like Daly to give him ideas. Totally preposterous. Everyone who's been around this sport knows what the real-time timetable for the banquet is every year. We don't need John Daly, whoever he is, to tell us it's not live. One of the few beat reporters left certainly doesn't need some birdbrain with a TV blog to provide basic knowledge of the sport. Would love to hear the real story from Poole on the conflicts of interest too. It pains me to say this, "Poole is 100% right."

Richard in N.C. said...

It is amazing to see Poole actually criticize ESPN, almost.

But, if the Charlotte Obfuscator had had a little more foresight there might be some real news about the Petty Enterprises situation, since more was going on in NYC than just the banquet.

Anonymous said...

I'll offer a few points at the risk of beating this to death. The basic problem is that ESPN is not respected or trusted by many in the Nascar community. If Speed had shown the word "Live" Friday night,it would have been ignored or chuckled at. If Classic really wanted to highlight that the show was this years Banquet,it could have shown "12/5/08" at the top of the screen.We're told that the Banquet is directed toward the sponsors of Nascar and is one reason it's still held in New York. The problem is that the fans think it's their Banquet and would like to see something less stiff and formal held in either Charlotte or Las Vegas. As an aside, I and many in the audience enjoyed John Pinette,the comedian. If he wasn't funny,then maybe it's because the rest of the show was so boring. There were shots of people yawning and one of John Darby who looked like he couldn't wait to get out of there and hit the bar. Kevin Costner was an embarrassment like so many media darlings who profess to be avid Nascar fans. A few years ago,CNBC did an hour long special on Nascar.I believe they called it "Nascar Gold". Dylan Radigan from Cnbc claimed he was a big fan and showed him in the pits. When highlighting the drivers,they mentioned Kyle Busch and then showed a picture of Kurt in his black, Sharpie driving suit. What I found shocking was that with the hoards of people it took to produce that program and with all the editing,no one was knowledgeable enough to know the difference between Kyle and Kirt Busch.To me it spoke volumes.

Anonymous said...

who cares...

Why didnt they give out the checks like they have in past years?

GinaV24 said...

So what's new about ESPN or NASCAR lying to the fans? Its the way they usually do business.

And regarding John Daly, wow, David, I really think you might think about moderating your response to things -- you had a severe overreaction to John's comment.

I forgot though, you're the only one who's opinion counts. I never expect fair and unbiased from you. You run over anyone who disagrees with you on your radio show, so this is typical.

Live was indeed a lie during the banquet on Classic -- I was listening to it on Sirius because that WAS really live and much better done. I mute anything ESPN does and in my opinion, Allen Bestwick would be a much better play by play person than Jerry Punch. The only reason I care about who is in that role is because then the race broadcast on ESPN would at least have actual PXP, not dead silence from the guy who is in the wrong spot on the broadcast.

Lynn said...

I was going to write a long opinion here, but there is no way for me to put it better than "Red said" read his comments and you have mine. Not that anyone cares

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate Mr. Poole's using his position to point out the failings of ESPN, Instead of ripping the Daily Planet, I think he should go back and read some of the posts there from the actual races, and find out just how well informed they are. As Larry Mac would tell you its all about documentation. Then perhaps he can use his bully pulpit to do something about the CRAPY coverage provided by ESPN that we have been subjected to for the last two years. When it was noted that Mr. Poole was not going to the banquet I was disapointed. I think he should have paid his own ticket and then he could have reported the failings of ESPN, he is now complaining about, first hand. Oh, and maybe he would have caught that bit about Petty Enterprises too. I guess we should be glad he has ESPN classic.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you brought the fact that the "live" sign was not accurate. But don't you remember a few years ago when a reporter on ABC was standing in front of the White House for her report and then someone leaked out that she was actually in the studio with picture projected behind her?

I must say that I often do no agree with you, but you have never deleted one of my comments. On the other hand, John Daly has many times deleted my comments if they "hurts his feelings." Not a real profesional. Besides AB I don't understand his always proping up Nicole Manske!

I have your back.

Anonymous said...

David, I have sooooo much respect for you. If you had sent a comment on the Daly Planet, John would not have printed it and instead written you a note and asked you contact him directly. It has happened to me before when I have pointed out misinformation on his articles. He has refused show my comments correcting him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why so many think being in NY would bring some information on Petty Ent. THERE IS NO NEWS!! The principals are not talking. Gossip is cheap. No worth anything. Mr Poole being there or not being there is not going to get anyone to talk! Get real folks.

Pam said...

To stick to the subject of the "Live" broadcast that wasn't. It hasn't been "Live" for at least a couple years and I didn't expect it to be. I certainly have no desire to watch people eat. However the point is that ESPN should not have put on the screen that it was "Live" when they knew and their viewers would know that it wasn't.
Other than that ESPN nor NASCAR are to blame for Costner's mistake, Costner and/or the teleprompter are.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, mountains out of a mole hill on Costner! He had a slip of the tongue. Big deal. I always hate it at holiday time when it's my job to introduce my family to a new person in our family cirlce. I've been in my family all my life and I still make mistakes when trying to introduce folks. Lighten up folks. Costner did not bully his way into the place. He was invited.

As far as "live", it is just another example of the deception we are subjected to by networks. Last week on "Live with Regis and Kelly" they announced that NASCAR drivers were going to be on the show. So I wanted to watch it. We guess what? It was a tape of last year's attendance on the show. I got a clue when they said Jimmie was a 2 time champion! No where did it say it was a tape of last year's.

It wasn't until they went to the next segment that I noticed that Kelly was dressed differently and hair a bit different. Another hoax! I guess they just wanted to take advantage that NASCAR was in NY and fooled us.

Anonymous said...

David , if i were you i wouldn't worry too much about what Daly says . This guy writes most of the comments on his own blog himself . How many times have we seen him commenting on someone elses site just to get his web address out .
And i have to say , i often agree with you .

Todd Crane said...

Thanks JD for pointing out that the telecast was NOT live. I have no idea what's with David's deal. You told us this Saturday as I recall. As far as ESPN lying well what can I say, they treat NASCAR as a 2nd rate citizen all the time. I'f I'd go to the upcoming Daytona 500, it would be my 40th anniversary of doing the PA there, but as I told you many times this year I gave up on NA$CAR a while ago. Empty seats and ratings are down...well they don't care about the old fans. I don't watch anymore NA$CAR cup races on E$PN cause I can't stand Punch's whining. Thanks for the GREAT work you do on your blog. I'll ALWAYS continue to read it! ANd Live means live Karah-leigh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen David on your comments to John Daly! He acts like the rest of the folks out there aren't capable to being incensed with ESPN not showing the banquet live. Daly has his little group of sheep who parrott every negative thing he says about Jerry Punch. Actually some of us haven't drunk his kool-aid. Yes, I prefer Bestwick, but I'm not about to jump on the bashing of Punch bandwagon. The man loves racing and deserves respect for his long years covering it.

Richard in N.C. said...

We'll never know whether someone might have been able to get some more news in NYC on Petty Enterprises - but so far Ed Hardin has reported more news on it than Poole or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad for you column, a place where you let us agree to disagree with you. You don't blip us out even if you get ticked at what we say.

John Daly had a column this morning, and I commented on it. I did not agree with his view, and now I see he not only did not post my comment, he took the whole column down! So much for credibility on his site!

Anonymous said...

This thing with Petty is so crazy. THERE IS NOTHING TO REPORT.

If you read David Newton's article for ESPN, the rumor started over an SI article by Tom Bowles. On Thursday of the NY luncheon, it was going like wild fire. No one knew anything.

I don't know why people cannot understand that while negotiations are ongoing, you cannot talk, you might screw things up. All kinds of efforts have been made to find out and NO ONE IS TALKING.

Ed Hardin was using secondary sources and yet has added nothing. Petty will probably have a news conference when they announce the details.

Since none of the principles will talk until they are ready, we'll just have to wait for the news conference. I just don't see Petty ending his career/business by telling some random reporter. He'll make sure he's got a room full of tv and pprint reporters when he does it. Give Richard Petty the right/dignity to tell on his own time table. Stop listening to reporters who are looking in keyholes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I missed the banquet? What a shame - Oh well . . . I missed most of the season anyway. NASCRAP sucks anyway. I think I was cleaning the garage, cutting the lawn, painting the fence, taking a nap . . . at least I got something out of my NASCRAP season. What banquet?

Richard in N.C. said...

Ed Hardin's article is the best I have seen on the Petty situation and I would not call the information he obtained from Kyle, which I've seen nowhere else, a secondary source. Besides its no longer The King's call since he sold majority ownership to Boston Ventures, and reporters are supposed to have sources.

Anonymous said...

re Richard's comment

Kyle is a secondary source. He is not a primary in Petty Ent. No as an owner, driver, employee, etc.

All he could say was "I don't know."

Anonymous said...

Jayski has an new update on Petty Ent. It's from and article from David Newton who has done a good job.

Richard in N.C. said...

Newton's article does not have as much information as Ed Hardin's, except for the news that came out today about more employees being released. Kyle may not have a position with PE any more, but he's still the son of the minority owner and knows all the PE employees - and provided more info on the sponsorship situation than anyone else has reported. Besides Ed Hardin had a quotable source - and Newton works for the same outfit that tried to pawn the banquet broadcast off as LIVE.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like Mr Hardin. I have no problem with your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but not to the facts.

The "news" which turned out to not be coroborated, was broken by Sports Illustrated and then when on from there.

12-04 SI article 1:04 pm
12-04 AP Jenna Fryer 4:28pm
12-04 David Newton 7:46 pm

Two days later (12-06) Mr Hardin. He uses information previously published and does not give credit to SI, unlike Fryer and Newton.

The true principles would not give anyone any information. That would be David Zucker, CEO at Petty, GEM who was surprised about the article, Loomis said nothing had changed over the month. In today's news, even the employees don't know.

Richard in N.C. said...

Point is that Ed Hardin does add new information - what he got from Kyle P. I can't find when Hardin's article was 1st published, just that it was updated 12/6 AM. The AP article reports that Zucker said the assertion in the SI article, that PE would close, was incorrect. What Hardin reports Kyle saying about the status of the Wells Fargo sponsorship (gone) and that The King was out trying to work up sponsorship is news no one else has reported. I don't see why SI should have been cited, since Zucker refuted, or relied on in light of its low valuation of racing.

Anonymous said...

On, Kyle is quoted as saying that if you want to know what is going on at Petty's, don't ask him. New article posted at 5:01

You can have the last word. My last comment on this subject. My original point was that David did not have to go to NYC to get information. No one there got any news.

Richard in N.C. said...

From what I can see you & I seem to be more interested about what's going on about PE than just about anyone in the press.

Richard in N.C. said...

Bob Pockrass has an interesting article on the PE situation from an interview with Kyle, but really only adds some context.

Anonymous said...

We just finished electing a President so who's not used to being lied to? It looks like the Government will decide if GM, Ford and Chrysler have any more sponsor money for NASCAR. Write your Senator and Congressperson and plead for NASCAR money or that NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte will look silly.

Richard in N.C. said...

Duh- I guess it was silly to think Poole might have uncovered something in NYC about the PE situation when none of the really good reporters have been able to do so even yet.

Anonymous said...

The Petty story was never a New York story. It was always a N.C. story. I think it was terrible for SI to kind of drop that bomb in NY and start a fire storm over something Petty Ent. was not ready to announce. I wonder if the leak came from a disgruntled employee or former employee?

I feel badly for Richard. He is really such a great icon for NASCAR. It is such a shame that he did not see the writing on the wall long ago.

Geeze said...

I never gave it a thought until it became an issue in the media. I watched it and could have cared less whether it was live or not. I knew how it would end.

Had this been a sporting event, then I might be a bit ticked.

Anonymous said...

I agree that I never cared whether it was live or not. Maybe we have too much time on our hands.

In the end, it was a lie, but in the scheme of things, is it a big deal?

Anonymous said...

What is a lie? We just elected a President who's birth certificate might be forged. We are at war over weapons that don't exsist. Would we really know the truth if we saw it?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE NOTE: All of the above comments were posted LIVE.

Anonymous said...

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